Echo Combat + Lone Echo II Developer Log | July 15, 2022

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Today our Echo VR and Lone Echo II Development teams wanted to take some time to address common feedback, questions, and concerns we’ve heard from players.

Echo Combat

Echo Combat key art

RAD_Tyrana here with an update on the current and future state of Echo Combat. Combat has been out on PC for a few years now and we love how our community has continued to push the game forward even though there have been minimal updates to the mode.

There are a few things that we want to discuss during this update to ensure we’re being transparent with our players.

Combat and Quest

Echo Combat was built specifically for the Rift using PC spec and PC engine specific features as our guidelines for building maps and systems. Moving this game mode over to Quest / Quest 2 would not be possible without major changes to the game itself. Therefore, we want to reiterate that we will not be bringing Echo Combat to Meta Quest. Combat is still available for play on Quest via Link and Air Link (beta) for our users who wish to use that option.

Future Combat Updates and Content

We’ve heard the community asking for new maps, guns, and features to be added to the Echo Combat game mode. Unfortunately, the team is unable to dedicate the time and resources to generate new content for Combat. We want to be transparent with our community and clearly state that going forward, we will not be adding any new content (maps, guns, abilities) to Echo Combat. We will continue to fix major bugs and issues as they appear, so please continue to report these issues in our Discord so we can prioritize them in our schedule and current roadmap.

Moving Forward

While we won’t be working on any content updates specifically for Combat, we always want to make sure that our new rewards from the Echo Pass function in it and provide value to our Combat players. Expect to see some new rewards and options in coming updates.

In Closing

Our team loves this community and the work that we’ve put into Combat, but it isn’t feasible for us to continue to maintain. Echo Combat will remain available for play and our servers will continue to operate for our players. Thank you so much to our community that continue to highlight Combat, showcase some top tier gameplay, and always bring a smile to our faces.

Lone Echo II

Lone Echo II key art

RAD_Wyvern here to chat about Lone Echo II on behalf of the Lone Echo II Development Team.

To start, we wanted to thank you for all the love and support for Lone Echo II. We were all excited to release the game and it was awesome to see how excited the community was to play it leading up to and following launch.

Future Patches

Like Echo Combat, Lone Echo II was originally developed to be played on the Rift/Rift S with a PC, and later the Quest via Link and a PC. Prior to launch and after, our QA team did extensive testing and research on various PC set ups to ensure the game was performant. We are aware some players have reported issues on specific PC set ups, we unfortunately haven’t been able to identify a specific root cause for the crashes reported. Due to this and the fact that the team have shifted over to work on other projects, we have no plans for additional patches or updates to Lone Echo II in the future. This includes bug fixes and localization. We understand this news can be upsetting and apologize for any frustration it may cause.


Players who purchase Lone Echo II will still receive the VEGA X-3 chassis in Echo VR. If you ever purchase Lone Echo II and are not seeing the chassis unlocked at the Customization Terminals in Echo VR, please reach out to Oculus Support and they’ll be able to assist you.

Our goal has always been to be as transparent with our community and players as we can, and we wanted to clearly communicate where development on both games stand. We’d also like to note that we are in the early stages of working on new, exciting projects and can’t wait to share more information about them in the future. Until then, we wish you all the best.

-RAD Team



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