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Comfort & Safety

Comfort & Safety brings several new tools to Echo VR to customize your social experience and make social interactions safe and fun for everyone. For ease of access, you can Ghost or Mute players even while matchmaking in the Lobby.

If you believe a player is violating the Code of Conduct, please send in a report to our Account Admin Team.


If you find yourself in a Lobby with a rogue Echo Unit, you can now Ghost them via your Arm Computer.

To Ghost a Player:

  1. Open your Arm Computer
  2. Find their username
  3. Select the orange button to the right of their name
  4. Select “Ghost”

Players that you’ve ghosted will turn into grayed out Cube-Sats. Ghosted individuals will “disappear” when entering your personal space and won’t “reappear” until moving away from you/out of your space. Players you’ve ghosted will remain ghosted until you choose to unghost them. You can also access the Ghost All tool from the Pause Menu.

**Note: Echo Units you’ve ghosted will remain muted but be unghosted in areas of the Lobby where players directly interact with each other, like the Skirmish Zone and the Punching & Blocking Area of the Brawler’s Room for example, and during matches. When you leave interactive areas, these players will be ghosted once again. This is to prevent you or other players from being startled by eliminations or stuns by an “invisible” player, and prevent any confusion about future bugs, etc. Ghost All resets after each transition.


If you find yourself in a loud Lobby, you now have the option to mute individual players, the entire Lobby, or yourself via your Arm Computer.

To Mute a Player:

  1. Open your Arm Computer
  2. Find their username
  3. Select the orange button to the right of their name
  4. Select “Mute”

To Mute Yourself:

  1. Open your Arm Computer
  2. At the top of the social list, select the blue button to the right of your name
  3. Select “Mute”

You can access the Mute All tool in the Pause Menu or via your Arm Computer.

Code of Conduct

By agreeing to the Echo VR EULA in-game, players agree to abide by the Echo VR Code of Conduct.

Reports and Banning

Where should player reports be sent?

All player reports should be sent to and .

Where should ban inquiries/appeals be sent?

Contact via email.

How do I know if I’ve been banned?

When logging in to Echo VR, you will receive a message letting you know your access has been restricted by Ready At Dawn. Contact our Echo Games Account Admin Team via email at to find out if your account has been banned, and for what reason.

Who processes reports, and when?

Our Account Admin Team tries to review and respond to emails/ban appeals during working hours Monday — Friday 8am to 5pm PST. However if a report is sent on Saturday for example, our Team will respond on Monday when they’re back in the office.

What happens when a player is reported?

An investigation is conducted by our Team to determine if a player violated the Code of Conduct for Echo Games and/or Oculus. If we find evidence of a violation, a ban will be automatically placed on the headset of the player. Bans are based on violations of the Code of Conduct, how many times a violation has occurred, the severity of the violation, and if the Reporter provided evidence of the violation.

Where can I find the Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct can be found on a poster in-game in the Brawler’s Den of the Echo VR Lobby, or online here:

How long is a player banned for?

The only way to find out how long you’ve been banned for is by contacting our Account Admin Team.

Players are banned based on the severity of the violation, and how many times they’ve broken the Code of Conduct. Not all bans are permanent. Temporary 24-hour bans for example often serve as warnings to players who have committed minor violations. Longer bans are given for moderate violations, with severe violations resulting in permanent bans. Please note: Severe violations could result in a permanent ban without a warning or another ban being applied beforehand.

Bans begin after our team completes their investigation. Once you contact our team, they will let you know how long your ban will last, and what your violations were.

How do I find out why I’ve been banned?

Send an email with your display name and when you noticed the ban to . Our Team will then respond to your email (during Monday — Friday 8am to 5pm PDT) explaining why your account was banned, what the violation was, and how long your account will be banned. If you don’t contact our Account Admin Team, you won’t know why you were banned or for how long.

Who will know why I’m banned?

The Account Admin Team, and you. Unless you publicly share this information, our Team keeps the reason for bans confidential to protect your privacy once you come back to the Echo VR community.

I share a headset, can I still be banned?

Yes. You are responsible for the actions of all accounts associated with your headset. If a friend, roommate, sibling, etc . continuously violate the Code of Conduct, or commit a severe violation, a permanent ban will be issued.

How do I appeal a ban?

To appeal a ban, send an email to our Team at Let them know your display name and that you are wanting to appeal your ban. Our Team will review your file, and then contact you to let you know if your appeal was successful or not. If you are permanently banned and your appeal is denied, our team will contact you if there are changes to the status of your account/ban. Repeatedly filing appeals after our team has responded to you and rejected your appeal with not help your case.


Check the Lobby posters, Community Discord, and Oculus Events frequently to see what events (Pick Up Nights, Community Day, Discord Cup, Seasonal Events, etc) are coming up in Echo VR!

Support and FAQ

Learn how to troubleshoot an issue or reach out to our team for help in our FAQ here.

Echo Games: Official Mission Logs

The official development blog for Ready At Dawn’s Oculus VR games: Lone Echo and Echo VR (Echo Arena and Echo Combat)

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Lone Echo and Echo VR are Ready At Dawn's line up of virtual reality games featuring zero-gravity movement & full body presence.

Echo Games: Official Mission Logs

The official development blog for Ready At Dawn’s Oculus VR games: Lone Echo and Echo VR (Echo Arena and Echo Combat)

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