Echo VR- Competitive Payload Patch

Patch Highlights

Patch 21.0 brings balance updates, numerous bug fixes, and more to Echo VR.


  • Competitive Payload
  • Core Payload Rebalancing
  • Spawn Orb Improvements
  • Arc Mine Balance Changes
  • Many bugs fixes and Spectator Mode improvements

Competitive Payload

Private payload games will now play using a multi-round structure; allowing both squads an opportunity to push the payload, competing for the furthest push. We wanted to provide a version of this gamemode that felt more fair and balanced in its declaration of a true victor. That is, our aim is to make Payload as competitive as Capture Point. Below is a more in-depth breakdown of how the mode works:

  • Rounds are played in Sets of two, with both squads getting a chance to play as the attacking team trying to push the payload as far as they can.
  • Round 1 will play in much the same fashion as traditional payload, except near round end. Should the game timer elapse, a progress marker will be placed on the track representing the furthest distance the payload had reached during that round. This marks distance the next team will need to reach with their payload in order to win.
  • Squads will switch sides as they return to their War Rooms for Round 2, and the second push will begin. The new attacking squad wins the game if they can push the payload passed the marker. If not, they lose.
  • In event of a dual completion (both teams delivering the payload), another set of rounds will be played. Again, both squads will have an opportunity to push the payload, but only with the time left on the clock from their first push. For example, if Squad A delivered their payload with 90 seconds on the clock remaining, they would get 90 seconds to push the payload on their next run.
  • This round set cycle can repeat as long as both teams manage to continue delivering their payloads.
  • **It’s worth noting that checkpoints will no longer provide time extensions after the first set of rounds. Also, should either squad have less than 30 seconds on the clock in a dual completion, both squads’ starting times on their next push will be padded by 30 seconds.**

Otherwise, during subsequent round sets, the rules for victory remain the same. Should a squad push the payload further than the other, they win!

Core Payload Rebalancing

There have been a number of changes to the Payload across the board (that is, in both traditional and competitive Payload modes) in pursuit of offsetting imbalances found in the win rates between attackers and defenders.

  • The Payload can no longer complete a checkpoint if it is not held uncontested by attackers.
    This means completion can’t occur via momentum left over if attackers stop pushing the payload (be it through contestation or release). If the payload rolls, with momentum, over a checkpoint while it is not solely controlled by attackers, it will simply slow to a stop until it is either pushed by the attackers again, or begins to retreat.
  • Payload base speed has been reduced.
    The base top speed for one attacker pushing the payload has been reduced by 17%; from 1.5 mps to 1.25 mps.
  • Payload stack speeds have been tweaked.
    The attack squad control stack speeds have been changed as follows:
    - The 2 player stacked speed has changed from 1.65mps to 1.5mps
    - The 3 player stacked speed has changed from 1.8mps to 1.62mps
    - The 4 player stacked speed has changed from 1.95mps to 1.68mps

Spawn Orb Improvements

We made a few changes to the spawn orbs to help better convey their state and destination, as well as improve the ability to distinguish them and read them from a distance.

  • Orb and Map highlighting.
    Orbs will visually react when players reach to grab them, glowing brighter and highlighting a stem down to where the player will spawn in on the map. The spawn room will also highlight and react.
  • Multi-coloring.
    In maps where multiple spawn orbs are available, additional spawn orbs will be different colors.
  • Smart text.
    The full text above a spawn orb will not display until the player moves closer to the mini-map. At a distance, only the most critical information will be shown.

Arc Mine Balance Changes

  • Arc Mine persists through death, until the owning player has respawned
  • Arming length has increased from 2.5 to 3.5 sec
  • Cooldown reduced from 35 to 25 sec
  • Arc Mine will always detonate 1 second after being activated
  • Throw distance has been reduced
  • Feedback pass
    If the owning player dies while it is active(armed) on the battlefield it can still activate(explode) and hit enemy players
    - Enemy players can poke in to activate it and leave the explosion radius
    - Ally mines will have team color outline present at all times
    - Unique HUD icon when an enemy has been hit by Arc Mine
    - Audio and visual feedback pass when detonated or destroyed
    - Arc Mine world icon will only doc to a players HUD after it has been activated
    - Ally and enemy Arc Mines are now team colored

Dev Note: The overall goal of these Arc Mine updates was to try make it more consistent, improve readability for all parties involved, and to try reinforcing more proactive uses instead of reactive. The Arc Mine should promote and reward tactical gameplay. We have made several changes in order to reinforce those goals. The increased arming time should guide players towards placing an Arc Mine before an engagement occurs instead of throwing into an already existing skirmish. There were several backend issues that have been cleaned up to also create more consistent and rewarding gameplay. Arc Mines will always detonate 1 second after an enemy enters its radius, this will help clear confusion on when and why an Arc Mine should go off. It also adds provides enemy players with another avenue to combat Arc Mines by triggering them purposefully with the risk of getting caught in the detonation radius.

A feedback pass has also been done on the Arc Mine to better communicate what state it is in and how players interact with it. A team color outline as well as an overall color swap will be present on ally and enemy Arc Mines to help communicate what is friendly vs. enemy. The world space icon will now only ever doc to HUD when it becomes activated (enemy triggers it), this paired with a unique “hit” icon will better communicate when it has gone off and if it has hit an enemy.


  • Reverted the change to nameplate rotation for Combat chassis to how it used to be
  • Stats within the Arm Computer will now display “-” rather than “?” if they have yet to be tracked
  • Combat Spectator: Increased legibility of fonts across Combat’s Spectator Mode
  • Combat Spectator: Added round transition and match start countdown UI to 2D Spectator
  • Players can backfill public Payload matches up until either the game had ended or the Payload is close to the finish line (90%)
  • Players can backfill public Capture Point matches up until either a team is 25% away from winning the round (and have already won a round)
  • Thanks to community feedback, our team is aware the Repair Matrix needs a little love and are currently working on some balance changes. Stay tuned for more information and updates coming soon™!

Known Issues

  • After a Competitive Payload match, the Celebration Room score board doesn’t show alignment stats for all players (Ex: One player might see stats for their Objective Time, and another might see stats for Objective Damage instead)
  • Player nameplates are white for the Orange Team in Echo Arena

Bug Fixes

Echo VR (General)

  • Fixed an issue that introduced decimal places to all stats in the Arm Computer
  • Fixed an issue that would cause improper messaging when transitioning into the Lobby after accepting a party invite
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes appear invisible to themselves when transitioning in and out of multiple servers
  • Fixed an issue where accepting multiple party invites would cause the user to appear multiple times in the party listing
  • Fixed a rare issue where interacting with Launchers before transitioning into a match could cause graphical issues with other Launchers
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Party tab could appear blank on the Arm Computer
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause player thruster functionality to be inconsistent with their body type after a disconnect
  • Fixed an issue which could cause certain user names to not display correctly when inspecting them via the Arm Computer
  • Fixed an issue with how point of interest markers throughout the game would layer incorrectly with player bodies
  • Fixed an issue where switching from 3D Spectator to 2D Spectator could cause the player’s Arm Computer to be left behind
  • Fixed an issue where re-opening the Arm Computer would occasionally cause it not to re-align properly

Echo VR Lobby

  • Fixed an issue where the player would appear invisible to themselves when opening the Oculus menu while transitioning from one chassis to another
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to exit the Lobby by passing through specific geo
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause buttons to go missing on Terminals in the Lobby
  • Fixed a small cosmetic issue with some of the point of interest icons for Matchmaking Terminals
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Matchmaking UI under players in queue to disappear if they switched body types while matchmaking
  • Fixed a rare issue where muting a player could cause the muting UI to become permanently stuck to the Arm Computer
  • Fixed a rare issue where buttons could disappear from Terminals in the Lobby

Echo Arena

  • Fixed a graphical issue in 2D Spectator POV Camera when followed players were stunned
  • Fixed an issue where switching between different Spectator modes could cause Free Cam to stop working
  • Fixed an issue where switching from 2D to 3D Spectator while in the Pause Menu could cause a persistent black screen
  • Fixed a rare issue where Spectators would be unable to grab the environment
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Spectator Level Cameras was clipping into the arena ceiling
  • Fixed an issue where long user names could appear black in Spectator Mode

Echo Combat

  • Fixed multiple collision issues in Dyson
  • Fixed a rare issue where the “Point Contested” VO could loop at the end of Capture Point matches
  • Fixed an issue where a placed Arc Mine would disappear when the Payload reaches a checkpoint
  • Fixed an issue where the Arc Mine would get thrown behind the player when sensor tracking was lost
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy’s gun would be outlined behind level geography if they switched teams in a Private Match
  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to start within the map in Private Matches
  • Fixed an issue where the Payload progress meter would have inconsistent decimal points for each section
  • Fixed a rare issue where grabbing your Ordnance by reaching all the way behind your head could potentially make it unusable
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Arc Mine tracking icon to persist on screen
  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause the Capture Point progress on pillars throughout Capture maps to not reset properly between rounds
  • Fixed an issue with how the blue Ordnance grab indicator was displayed to make it more accurate
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to not always enter the Lobby in the appropriate chassis type
  • Fixed an issue where restarting a Private Match could occasionally cause the Payload to start moving on its own

Echo Combat Spectator Mode

  • Fixed several graphical issues with Combat Spectator and Spawn Orbs
  • Fixed several issues where Combat Spectators were able to occasionally cycle to dead players unintentionally
  • Fixed an issue where Combat Spectators would always be returned to the Orange War Room when going out-of-bounds in Dyson
  • Fixed an issue with which Combat Spectator’s Level Cam the game would default to once a new checkpoint is reached in Fission
  • Fixed an issue where Combat Spectator’s Level Cam hotkeys would not reset properly between Private Matches
  • Fixed an issue where when following players their death information would briefly carry over to the next followed player
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong player could be prioritized for Combat Spectator’s Follow Cam
  • Fixed a small cosmetic issue with death icons on Combat Spectator’s mini-map
  • Fixed a rare issue where switching to a Spectator with low health could cause looping FX and audio
  • Fixed an issue where 2D Spectator’s Payload timer was slightly out-of-sync with the actual in-game timer
  • Fixed a small cosmetic issue with Followed Player’s health bars
  • Fixed a small cosmetic issue with the Player Stats display of 2D Spectator when long user name players are present
  • Fixed an issue that would cause player icons to not display correctly in 2D Spectator’s Dyson mini-map when using certain Spawn Orbs
  • Fixed an issue that would cause 2D Spectator’s Follow Cam to not always follow players as intended