Echo VR — Patch v19.0 Notes


Patch 19.0 brings balance updates, features, and bug fixes to Echo VR.

Feature Updates

  • Player’s body type in the Lobby is no longer changed by what game mode they most recently played.
  • Players who complete the tutorial are now returned to the main menu instead of directly into a Lobby.
  • New players are now presented with the EULA only when selecting “Play” on the Main Menu after Tutorials have been completed at least once.
  • New ‘Legal’ section added to Main Menu to allow viewing of EULA and other legal information.
  • All target dummies within the Lobby are now capable of being grabbed. Rejoice Nova players!
  • Players who have been banned/suspended from Echo VR will be taken to a disabled Main Menu with a message about their suspension. This should help players determine whether they are unable to login due to a technical issue or if they’ve been suspended due to Code of Conduct violations.
  • When using the “Push to Talk” or “Push to Mute” VO options a HUD icon of a microphone will now be displayed when that setting is being used.
  • Threat Scanner audio now indicates where the scan originated from.
  • Nova gunshot sounds redesigned.
  • Players’ nameplates and the Payload icon will now rotate with the player’s head movement.

Phase Shift Balance Changes

Execute the perfect escape with the Phase Shift!

  • Phase Shift can now be cancelled by activating the Tac Mod again.
  • Duration increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • The 10% increase in speed is now applied immediately on activation instead of being applied on the next boost.
  • Healing effects can now be received from other players while Phase Shift is active.

Dev Note: Phase Shift is a unique ability that was intended to be used as an escape tool and as a method of distraction against the opposing team. In order to reinforce those goals, we’ve given the user greater control of how they choose to use Phase Shift. After activating the ability, 1 second later it can now be canceled. This creates a variety of options for players who escape, but want to engage as soon as they’re in the clear. By also increasing the duration to 10 seconds, it provides greater opportunity to bait, punish, and remove any threats from a big battle who decide to chase you down.

Along with these new changes, we’ve added some quality of life improvements that should clarify its interactions. There were a few issues with Phase Shift that required too many actions to take advantage of the speed increase, so we’ve made it apply on activation. This should smooth out the process of escaping a threat. We’ve also noticed some issues where players were using healing actions on Phase Shifted players and getting no result out of it. This should lead to more clear interactions and remove the frustration of “wasted” Tac-Mods and Ordnances.

Echo Combat Matchmaking

In our ongoing efforts to improve matchmaking, we have changed the way how “smurf” accounts search for a match. Smurf accounts will no longer be treated as a new account, but instead, use matchmaking parameters from their main account.

Bug Fixes and Updates

Echo VR (General)

  • Fixed an issue with the Scoreboard in Private Matches displaying the previous match’s stats until a new match is started
  • Fixed an issue where players could push off of each other over 4 m/s, and off of the catapult over 10 m/s

Echo VR Lobby

  • Modified one of the training posters in the Lobby to more clearly explain the overheating system of Echo Combat weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the customization terminal keypad would sometimes overlap with other terminal UI
  • Fixed an issue where switching between different customization outfits would potentially leave the player on blank pages
  • Fixed an issue where a player would sometimes appear headless
  • Fixed an issue where the mute icon would not appear for muted players in an Echo Combat chassis
  • Fixed an issue where the dummies displayed the incorrect message when eliminated
  • Fixed an issue where the Customization Terminal keypad numbers would be visible when loading into the lobby for the first time
  • Fixed an issue where the Customization Terminal keypad numbers would overlap other buttons
  • Fixed an issue where the text “Matchmaking” was missing from players searching for a match in an Echo Combat chassis

Echo Arena

  • Fixed an issue where players could appear invisible when players swapped teams at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the disc could get stuck in different visual states
  • Fixed an issue where pausing shortly after a goal is scored could create an excessively bright menu
  • Fixed an issue where the disc is placed on the wrong side with imbalanced scores at the beginning of a private match
  • Fixed an issue where Spectators were able to interact with the “Restart” button for private matches

Echo Combat

  • Fixed an issue where a dead player’s body collision would remain as they faded away
  • Fixed a small graphical issue where parts of the Dyson mini-map would be see-through
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong icon would display on the “Eliminated by” death UI when killed by the Meteor
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose the ability to grab their Ordnance in-game if they were holding on to one while matchmaking
  • Fixed an issue where it could be hard for players to grab their Ordnance at high speeds
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a star field when readying up in Private Matches with the pause menu open
  • Fixed an issue where if players died as they were trying to activate their Phase Shift that it would trigger its cool down unnecessarily
  • Fixed an issue where players who disconnected within a capture point could continue contesting it
  • Fixed a common visual issue with player’s guns after switching teams in Private Matches
  • Fixed a rare issue where firing the Comet too close to the Payload could sometimes cause damage to the shooter
  • Fixed an issue where a player would lose momentum pushing off another player while holding their Ordnance
  • Fixed a rare issue where another player’s Energy Barrier TAC-MOD would appear to start moving on its own
  • Fixed an issue where the Payload would start sideways in Private Matches
  • Fixed a rare issue where dead players with high ping could affect the Payload after death
  • Fixed an issue in Capture Point game types where a player could capture the point before it unlocked in a rematch
  • Fixed a lighting issue with the Echo Combat model
  • Fixed an issue where the Elimination confirmation sound effects would trigger at low health
  • Fixed an issue where explosive damage originating from inside an object would damage players