Echo VR — Patch v20.0 Notes

Patch Highlights

Patch 20.0 brings spectator to Echo Combat and optimizations to the Arm Computer.

Echo Combat Spectator Mode

Players are automatically put in 3D spectator mode, like in Echo Arena, when spectating an Echo Combat match with their headset on. All gear is deactivated in 3D spectator mode, but players will have full mobility, the ability to access War and Spawn Rooms, and be invisible. As a general rule of thumb, Spectators should always follow players to the Celebration Room after a match has ended.

2D Spectator Mode

Players can enter 2D Spectator Mode by removing their headset. However, to use the Free Cam in 2D Spectator, players must use a traditional game pad/controller and have the gamepad plugged before booting the game.

2D Spectator Icons

· Team lists will appear on the left and right of the screen with the match progress displayed in between the two.

· Player nameplates will display a player’s health, gear (with real-time tracking of their use and cooldown), and a skull when/if they are defeated by another player.

· Minimap can be found in the bottom right of the screen.

· Eliminations will be displayed above the minimap, and show when one player (left) eliminates another player (right) and the weapon used (icon in the middle).

· If a spectator is following a particular player with the Follow Cam, the player’s stats (kills, assists, deaths, damage) will appear in the bottom left.

2D Spectator Hot Keys

· F1 — List of Spectator Hotkeys (Legend)
Pressing F1 will bring up a list of all the hotkeys available to a Spectator.

· Shift + # — Cut to Player

· Numerical keys 1–5 = Orange Players

· Numerical keys 6–0 = Blue Players
The Shift+# hotkey will cut directly to a specific player’s Follow or POV camera feed. Shift+# allows the spectator to control which player they view without having to cycle through all the players’ feeds by pressing the ‘F’ or ‘P’ keys.

This command overrides any other camera option currently selected.

· Ctrl + # — Cut to Camera
The Ctrl+# hotkey will cut directly to a specific Level Camera position.

· Numerical keys 1–0 = Static level cameras
This command overrides any other camera option currently selected.

· A — Automatic Camera
The ‘A’ hotkey will turn on the Automatic Camera mode, which will automatically periodically cut between various Follow and Level cameras to capture the action of the match.

· P — POV Camera
The ‘P’ hotkey will turn on the POV Camera mode, which will display an individual player’s point-of-view in first person.
Pressing ‘P’ more than once will cycle the spectator to other players
If the player being viewed dies, the camera will switch automatically to the player who killed them.

· F — Cycle Follow Camera
The ‘F’ hotkey will turn on the Follow Camera mode, which will make the camera trail behind an individual player in third person.
Pressing ‘F’ more than once will cycle the spectator to other players.
If the player being followed dies, the camera will switch automatically to the player who killed them.

· Shift + F — Toggle Follow Stats
The ‘Shift+F’ will turn on or off the Follow Stats UI for the player you are Follow or POV Camera mode following. The Follow Stats UI can be found in the lower left corner of the 2D Spectator UI.

· L — Level Camera
The ‘L’ hotkey will turn on the Level Camera mode, which will show one of the 10 preset camera angles positioned around the level.

· C — Free Camera
The ‘C’ hotkey will detach the current camera from whatever is dictating it’s current position and angle. For example, if you are “following” a specific player, pressing ‘C’ will freeze the camera position and angle to where it was when you pressed ‘C’.
The operator must use a traditional gamepad to control the freecam.
The gamepad must be plugged in prior to booting the game.

· U — Toggle HUD
The ‘U’ hotkey will turn on or off all of the 2D Spectator UI, including but not limited to the score, minimap, team lists, and more.

· M — Toggle Minimap
The ‘M’ hotkey will turn on or off the Minimap found in the lower right corner of the 2D Spectator UI.

· Shift + M — Toggle Minimap Size
The ‘Shift+M’ hotkey will toggle between having the Minimap small in the lower right corner of the 2D Spectator UI screen or large in the center of the 2D Spectator UI screen.

· Tab — Team Stats
The ‘Tab’ hotkey displays player stats throughout the round, sorted by team.

· F5 — Toggle Mute All
The ‘F5’ hotkey mutes or unmutes all VOIP audio from the players in a match.

· F6 — Listen Orange
The ‘F6’ hotkey mutes and unmutes all VOIP audio from the Blue Team.

· F7 — Listen Blue
The ‘F7’ hotkey mutes and unmutes all VOIP audio from the Orange Team.

· F8 — Hide Player Names
The ‘F8’ hotkey will turn on or off the player names and info bars above each player’s head.

Arm Computer

Optimizations have been made to the Arm Computer to resolve freezing and lag issues when opening/using the Friends tab. These optimizations are the first of many ongoing overhauls our team is working on for the Arm Computer. If you continue to encounter issues with the Arm Computer in Echo VR, please contact us via the Support Form or by joining the Support Channel in the community Echo Games Discord.

Arm Computer Known Issues

· Player nameplates will flicker when pulled down.

· The “Loading” text that appears when switching between tabs will sometimes overlap with the Lobby list.

· After a network disconnect, players who muted themselves or the Lobby aren’t able to unmute themselves or the Lobby until quitting to the Main Menu and joining a new server.

· Player nameplates will pop backwards when scrolling to the very top of the list.

· The Arm Computer will rarely become unresponsive, or invisible, for a short period of time when selecting player names and stats pages.

· ***Updated 12:19PM*** Lobby, Party, and Friends Lists will become invisible in the Arm Computer after initiating a rematch in a private game.

· ***Updated 3/22*** The Friends List doesn’t refresh player status when they go offline, and instead will show friends as “online” even after they’ve logged out.

Arm Computer Bug Fixes

· Fixed an issue where Arm Computer functions would be delayed based on the number of players listed in the Oculus/Friends tab.

Known Issues


· Arm Computer and Matchmaking terminals lose functionality when accepting an invite from Dash while queued for a match.

Echo Combat Spectator

· Players that switch to spectator right after a private match on Dyson ends will become stuck in the match indefinitely until they quit.

· Nameplates will sometimes appear invisible to spectators when returning to the Lobby.

· Spectators don’t see Spawn Orb text.

· Players entering 3D Spectator Mode will automatically go to the Orange War Room, regardless of which Team Orbs are used.

· Spawn Orbs may be missing in 2D/3D Spectator Mode, with only text visible.

· Reaching a checkpoint on Fission while in 2D Spectator Mode forces the spectator to a different camera based off of the current camera number assigned.

· Using Follow Cam in 2D Spectator Mode on a player who is eliminated will briefly carry their death information over to the next player cycled to.

Echo Combat

· Ghost hands/ a player’s outline VFX appear invisible or very faint after being eliminated.

· Beginning of match VO on Fission is missing during private matches.

Bug Fixes


· Fixed an issue where players would lose momentum while attempting to propel themselves.

· Fixed an issue where the Customization Room Dummy would appear blue from a distance.

Echo Arena

· More Coming Soon™.

Echo Combat

· Fixed an issue where late-joining players would capture/contest the Capture Point briefly while loading in.