Open Beta Anniversary Event & Patch 11.0

Echo Combat Open Beta and Echo VR

Patch 11.0 is a limited Open Beta Anniversary Event celebrating the 1-year release of Lone Echo and Echo Arena!

Celebrating 1-Year of Echo VR (Echo Arena, and soon, Echo Combat)

This weekend’s event offers general bug fixes, the chance to earn anniversary unlockables, and the ability to play Echo Combat for a limited amount of time.

Echo Combat Open Beta 2

The primary goals of Echo Combat remain unchanged since the first Open Beta weekend: teams of 3 are tasked with either defending your base from attackers or helping deliver the payload. Like Echo Arena, players wanting to start a match of Echo Combat simply need to visit the lobby’s Matchmaking Terminals.

The Open Beta will be taking place this Friday July 20th at 10:30 AM PDT / 17:30 UTC through Sunday July 22nd at 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC!

Here’s a quick summary of Open Beta 2:

  • Beginning of more frequent beta weekends, and new content monthly.
  • Ability to use your weapon in your left hand.
  • Players who complete a match of Echo Arena or Echo Combat during the Open Beta Anniversary Event (Friday July 20th from 10:30 AM PDT / 17:30 UTC through Sunday July 22nd at 10:00 AM PDT / 17:00 UTC) will receive limited-edition anniversary unlockables.
  • You will NOT be able to play in parties or private matches.
  • You will NOT be able to spectate Combat matches.
Complete a match of Echo Arena or Echo Combat to receive your limited-edition anniversary unlockables

General Updates

  • Players can switch which hand their weapon is equipped on using the Equipment Terminal’s “SWAP” button.
  • The scale model for the Fission Payload map is now accessible in the main lobby, from within the Echo Combat training area.

Service Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck in matchmaking queue.
  • Players are no longer penalized for quitting as a spectator, or if their team wins the match.

Balance Updates

  • Comet fire rate has been reduced while base damage for uncharged shots has been increased.
  • An additional Flanking Tunnel has been added to the attacker’s spawn room near the payload to give attackers another avenue of getting out.

Known Issues

Due to Echo Combat still being in development, there are some issues that may come up while playing the game. But don’t worry, our Team is working on resolving these issues!

  • Stats and progression are not tracked.
  • Player’s bodies can enter level geometry, which results in some adverse effects. These players then become smaller targets, and crawling along the floor makes this issue even worse. Players are also able to blindly fire after sticking their hands through objects.
  • The Skirmish area in the Echo Combat Training Area does not work. Soon you will be able to challenge others in the lobby (think the Brawler Room but with guns).
  • The Flanking Tunnel is missing from the combat mini-holo-maps in the Lobby and both War Rooms.
  • We’re still looking into stabilizing VOIP performance when playing multiple matches.
  • Transition screens when exiting games of both Arena and Combat may appear black.
  • AFK sign-out messages may appear bright white after playing a game of Combat.
  • During a match on the Holo Map, the Orange Team’s location will be offset.
  • We’re still looking into fixing any and all issues with disappearing grenades.
  • Guns may appear invisible in the lobby for other players after swapping hands.
  • Heal VFX may remain in a server after an injured player heals themselves and then leaves.
  • Tactical-mods for other players may appear offset or missing.
  • The Flanking Tunnel barriers may be difficult to see or invisible.
  • If players have their punch gloves on while transitioning into a Combat match, they will be unable to grip (objects, tunnels, etc).

Bug Fixes

The following issues were resolved during hotfixes and only relate to Echo Arena:

  • Player’s VOIP volume levels will no longer raise and lower whenever the announcer VO is playing.
  • Private match nameplates will not overlap the Matchmaking Terminal’s main menu when a player joins or leaves your party.
  • Players can no longer pass through the opposing team’s launch tube barriers in arena.
  • The arena disc outline is blue.
  • The level number for arena players on both teams are white.
  • Players should no longer be able to leave parties mid-matching to create 2v3 matches.

Echo Combat bugs fixes:

  • Disabling the Heads Up Display via the Main Menu will now disable Combat HUD.
  • Player’s weapon will no longer appear holstered to other players when active.
  • Grenades will no longer teleport outside the level and remain active if the Player dies while holding it.
  • The health of the training dummy will now regenerate at the same pace as a player’s health regeneration.
  • When selecting a tac-mod, players will now see the appropriate tactical mod they chose, instead of seeing a tac-mod for another player.
  • The VFX for a detonator grenade now matches its effect range.
  • Players can’t shoot through Echo Combat Training area barriers.
  • Grenade UI will sync with grenade cool down after switching from a Combat body to an Arena body in Echo Combat Training.
  • Floating props in the lobby will now move in response to weapon fire.
  • Objects no longer clip through the top of the Flamingo’s head on the Payload in Echo Combat.
  • Grenades thrown by other players will no longer appear to be shaking.
  • Cycling through two or more guns will not enable or deploy a gun quicker.
  • Target dummies will now appear behind Geo when the Threat Scanner is activated.
  • During Tutorials, players can now die more than once.