Rift S and Echo VR

Our Lead Programmer, David Neubelt, playing Echo Arena on the Rift S.

Here at Ready At Dawn we’ve been playing around with the Rift S and love it. We’re happy with the increased clarity the screen gives to the game making it easier to read name tags and help pick out snipers from far away. We are currently working closely together with Oculus to bring the highest quality tracking to Echo VR on the Rift S.

We think the internal sensors within the controllers are extremely innovative. We’re able to use both the in-game context, knowledge about our movement system, and the internal IMU sensors to accurately predict what the player is doing. Furthermore, the internal sensors of the Oculus Touch for Rift S hold up amazingly in high speed maneuvers, which allow throws in Echo Arena to withstand more force and maintain accurate tracking when players are putting everything they have behind a move. Additionally, we believe we’ll be able to predict more accurate release timings which in turn will increase accurate long-distance throws because of these new sensors.