6 social media tools publishers should know about in 2017

It’s not easy to stand out among the hundreds of social media tools out there. But a handful of companies do manage to beat the crowd, because their products are unique, hassle-free and great value for money. I spend a lot of time figuring out who’s worth a closer look, so I put together this list of my current favourites. Let me know what you think in the comments!

1 Scheduling: Kuku.io

Do you ever wish you could manage all your social media accounts from one place? Kuku.io offers a clean and efficient way to upload all your posts — and you can even use it as a team, streamlining the editing and approval process. This means you can easily create a schedule of content to be posted to different outlets, ensuring that you keep a steady flow of content coming and speak with a consistent voice — all without having to log into several different accounts. Lots of companies offer schedulers, but this one is particularly easy to use.

Schedule posts across platforms with Kuku.io

2 Employee advocacy: Smarp

Getting your colleagues to like your posts shortly after you publish them can do wonders for reach and engagement, especially following algorithm updates that have reduced the organic reach of many posts. With just a few quick likes, your post will immediately be separated from the bulk of social media content that gets no engagement at all (71% of tweets get zero likes and retweets). And with a little luck on top of your initial momentum, your tweet or post will start appearing in search results or on featured pages. To make the hard work of mobilising your colleagues easier, Smarp gamifies the whole experience to help the team spirit get off the ground.

3 Hashtag search: Hashtagify

Including trending hashtags significantly increases the reach of your Twitter posts, driving traffic to your website. If you want to take the guesswork out of picking the right ones, Hashtagify is a good place to start. Plus, it also tells you the top influencers for any topic. Lots of companies will charge you for this kind of information, while Hashtagify provides a lot of what you need to know for free.

4 Resharing: RecurPost

With organic reach declining as Facebook and Twitter show your posts to an ever smaller share of your followers, it’s more important than ever that you repost your best content to get the most traffic out of it. RecurPost lets you upload and categorise content, and starts resharing once everything has been posted. Added bonus: reposting keeps up a steady stream of content when you’re hitting a bad case of writers’ block.

5 Advertising: Boosterberg

Feeling like you spend too much time with tedious clicking to boost your Facebook posts? We’ve all been there. Boosterberg lets you promote your posts from a clean and user-friendly interface, and gives you useful analytics and scheduling options for your paid ads.

6 AI-driven automation: Echobox

Does this list leave you wondering why there isn’t a platform that does it all for you? If that’s the case, you should have a look at Echobox, which offers full AI-driven automation — meaning you no longer have to do any analytics, social listening, hashtag searching or AB testing. Echobox can even write optimal headlines for you. The likes of Le Monde and the New Scientist already use Echobox.