How Europe watched Super Bowl LI

You probably think the Irish were the biggest Patriots fans last night. Well, you’re wrong: It was Iceland that partied all night, and the Portuguese were Tom Brady’s biggest fans. Finland went to bed first, while Germany and Switzerland kept faith in the Falcons the longest. Overall, the Patriots swept the board, dominating the conversation in every single country in Europe.

Sorry, Atlanta — at least your airport’s better than Boston’s.

Patriots vs Falcons: Who got more interest throughout the day

The bluer the map, the further the Patriots were ahead in Google searches

This map is based on the total volume of Google searches from 7am on Sunday until 3pm on Monday morning (East Coast time).

Flying high: Early believers in the Falcons

Red means the Falcons got more interest before and during much of the game.

This map is based on the volume of Google searches between from 7pm and 10pm (East Coast time).

Partying hard: Who stayed up the longest

The bluer the map, the more football fans were still awake at midnight East Coast time.

This map is based on the total volume of Google searches from midnight until 1am (East Coast time).

All data from Google Trends, for the search terms ‘Falcons’ and ‘Patriots’. Grey indicates that data for the country was not collected. Copyright: Echobox.

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