PODCAST: Subject:CINEMA #609 — July 1 2018

Subject:CINEMA #609 — July 1 2018

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 We officially begin our 13th year on the air, and kick off the 2018 Boston Springs A Fethival series — for the next five shows, it’s all about the Spring Film Scene in Boston!

This week, we highlight the wonderful all-doc Salem Film Fest, presenting an overview of the fest itself and reviews of EIGHT films -”Minding The Gap”, “The War In-Between”, “The Next Guardian”, “Mr Fish: Cartooning From The Deep End”, “Into The Amazon”, “Mermaids”, “The Experimental City” and “Bunch Of Kunst — A Film About Sleaford Mods”. Plus a special and heartfelt Take A Bow segment for a true hero of the wrestling world, Matt Capotelli!

US BEING IDIOTS — We continually refer to the above incorrectly in the show, and as we’ve been going to this fest for six friggin’ years, we should have known better — it’s the Salem Film FEST, Salem MA, NOT The “Salem Film FESTIVAL”, which is actually in Salem OR. Sorry for the goof, everyone! Also, not our fault entirely, but we have marked this week’s show as “explicit” due to the use of the FBomb in the trailer for “Bunch of Kunst”.

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