Che at EclipseCon 2019 — Part 1 — Jonas Helming

Sun S. D. Tan
Oct 2, 2019 · 3 min read
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Hello Eclipse community!

We are a few weeks away from EclipseCon 2019 and I hope you are getting very excited to attend the event, meet the community and listen to some awesome talks. These last few weeks, I had the chance to interview a few of the speakers who will talk about topics related to my favorite project: Eclipse Che.

You are not at EclipseCon, not yet … although, during this series of blog posts, the interviewed guests will share with you a bit of their experience of EclipseCon and an insight of their talks, so you will be already at EclipseCon while reading these articles during your breakfast, in the subway or while on a quick break at work.

Today we are going to start with the interview of Jonas Helming from Eclipse Source. Who doesn’t know Jonas? Part of the Eclipse community for years, involved in several Eclipse core projects, few times part of the EclipseCon program committee and now giving talks about Che!

Enjoy Jonas’s interview:

Sun: Where are you from?

Jonas: I am from Munich and working at EclipseSource. We support our customers in creating custom tools in various domains, including software engineering, engineering, but also finance and other domains.

Sun: As a regular speaker and attendee at EclipseCon, can you tell us more about the atmosphere of the conference and maybe one story that has marked you there?

Jonas: There are many reasons why EclipseCon is the place to be at. The atmosphere is unique, a mixture between technical excellence, interesting mixture of topics and incredibly open and friendly people. There are too many stories to pick one particular. You have to be there to feel the spirit. We are looking forward to meeting old and new friends from this great community!

Sun: What are your talks about and why should we attend your sessions?

Jonas: When looking at the tools ecosystem, I believe EclipseCon Europe 2019 will be a lot about the upcoming shift from desktop to the cloud. Our goal as a service provider is to support and consult our clients with evolving their tools in an optimal way. Recurring, crucial questions are when/how to start the evolution and how to potentially reuse/integrate existing solutions from the desktop

We will share our experience ranging from a roadmap towards web-based tooling over how to build a tool with Eclipse Theia and Che to new innovative technologies for diagrams in the web such as GSLP. However, since not every project will immediately migrate, we also cover modernizing Eclipse RCP/e4 applications and tools, as well as the evolution of papyrus, an open source SysML and UML tool.

Sun: How have you been involved in Eclipse Che?

Jonas: We have adopted Eclipse Che for our customer projects quite early and also contributed to it (including documentation). We believe especially in combination with Eclipse Theia, Che provides a very powerful basis for cloud based tooling!

Sun: What is your favorite Che7 feature?

Jonas: It is hard to decide between Eclipse Theia as the default IDE which is very well integrated and the new plugin mechanism. As both are closely related, I think it is OK to pick both :-)

That’s it for Jonas, thanks a lot for your interview and see you at Eclipse Con in few weeks. You will find more about his work on Che and Theia through this page

The next post will be with Rainer Poisel who will talk about his experience on migrating an industrial-grade IDE to the Cloud using the Eclipse ecosystem. See you in few days.

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