CheConf18.2: Extensibility and Ecosystem

The Second CheConf of 2018 showcased community growth and previewed Che 7 extensibility.

Dave Neary
Dec 11, 2018 · 4 min read

On December 5th, the Eclipse Che community held its second virtual users’ conference of the year, CheConf18.2 with eleven presentations covering all aspects of Eclipse Che.

Two strong themes emerged from the sessions — first is the growing ecosystem and user community around the Eclipse Che project, with presentations from 6 different vendors who are using Che as part of their product strategy; and second is the extensibility and modularity of the Eclipse Che platform, which is going into hyperdrive in the Eclipse Che 7 release.

Below are videos from each session:

  • Keynote looking at the future of Eclipse Che — Che 7
  • Building a full stack SaaS developer environment for the Chinese market
  • Using Che to simplify multi-container development with databases
  • Doing mobile app development in Eclipse Che
  • Extending Che with plugins (including how to use existing VS Code plugins with no code changes) in Che 7
  • Using the Language Server Protocol to enhance Eclipse Che
  • How Che is simplifying z/OS and COBOL development

If you couldn’t attend CheConf18.2 live you can catch up with the highlights of the event’s sessions. Thank you to all of the presenters and organizers who helped make CheConf18.2 a great success.

Keynote: Eclipse Che State of the Union

Stevan LeMeur and Mario Loriedo gave a State of the Eclipse Che Union, and presented some of the most exciting developments coming in Eclipse Che 7.

Full Stack Cloud Development Services with Eclipse Che

Hongxi Ma of CloudToGo showed how they have been able to leverage Eclipse Che as part of a cloud development tools suite for large Chinese customers in the telecommunications and manufacturing industries.

Multi Container Application Development with Che

Progress Software is using Eclipse Che as the basis for its next generation developer tool for the OpenEdge platform to bring agility and integration with DevOps tools to developers of applications for its database and application server platform. Ravi Sankar presented the architecture of this next generation platform, and how Progress is enabling its customers to develop multi-container applications in the cloud.

Eclipse Che Extensibility Model

Florent Benoit and Yevhen Vydolob of Red Hat introduced the new extensibility capabilities of Eclipse Che 7, including how to deliver developer tools as sidecar containers in Che 7, and how to develop IDE plug-ins.

Implementing the Debug Adapter Protocol for Eclipse Theia

The Debug Adapter Protocol (DAP) enables the developer to use debugger features like breakpoints, watches, and single-stepping in any language with a debugger which supports the protocol. Anatolii Bazko presented the work the Che team has done to support DAP in Eclipse Theia, the IDE for Eclipse Che 7.

Beyond LSP: Extensions for Java

Sometimes, limitations of the Language Server Protocol make it harder to do what a developer needs to do. For some operations, including the introspection of binary objects like JARs, and renaming files and folders, extensions are required to the LSP which have more knowledge of the context of a language. Thomas Mäder presented the extensions to LSP which enable Eclipse Che to utilize the capabilities of to the full in Che 7.

Swapping IDEs in Eclipse Che 7

Eclipse Dirigible is, like Che and Theia, a project under the Eclipse Cloud Developer Tools working group umbrella, with a strong focus on application modelling. With the changes in Eclipse Che 7 it is now possible to replace the default IDE that comes with Eclipse Che with an alternative IDE that suits your use-case, while keeping all of the great features of cloud-deployed developer workspaces. Nedelcho Delchev and Yordan Pavlov of SAP showed how they were able to make Eclipse Dirigible available as an IDE plug-in for Che in an afternoon during EclipseCon Europe 2018.

SmartFace Cloud: Extending Eclipse Che for Mobile App Development

One of the goals of the Eclipse Che project is to be a great platform for specialized use-cases, by providing a great base framework for cloud IDEs, and an extensibility framework which allows the development of custom front-ends, and the integration with developer tools in containers on the back-end. In this presentation, Burak Gul of SmartFace talked about using Eclipse Che as a basis for a mobile application development platform.

Eclipse Che and Theia on Steroids

Florent Benoit demonstrated how to build an Eclipse Che plug-in using the scaffolding tool developed by the Che team, and explained how to run a VS Code plug-in downloaded directly from the Code Marketplace in Che, unchanged.

Extending Che for the Modern Mainframe Developer

CA Technologies, a Broadcom company, has been leveraging Eclipse Che and LSP to provide a modern development environment and enable agile development practices for developers of COBOL applications on z-Series mainframe computers. Venkat Balabhadrapatruni introduced the work that his team has done to enable the integration of Eclipse Che with their mainframe developer tool suite.

Joining the Che Community

The Eclipse Che community and ecosystem manager, Dave Neary, presented the myriad ways to get in contact with and join the Che community, from telling your story and reporting issues, to contributing new code or plug-ins.

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