Eclipse Che 6.14 Release Notes

Improvements to ephemeral workspaces, extensibility, tracing, and a new Java stack!

Dave Neary
Nov 26, 2018 · 3 min read
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The Eclipse Che community is proud to announce its latest release, version 6.14.0. This release contains a number of incremental improvements in our integration with Kubernetes, our adoption of a new plug-in framework, and a new stack.

Quick Start

Che is a cloud IDE and containerized workspace server — get started on:

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Java 8 and MySQL Stack for Eclipse Che 7

This release includes a new stack to facilitate the development of multi-container database applications with Java 8 and MySQL.

  • Add Che 7 stack: Java + MySQL #11809

Improvements for Ephemeral Workspaces in Che 7

In many cases, developer workspaces don’t need persistent storage for project files. For example, reviewing patches from GitHub or making quick fixes to a website or documentation should be quick and easy. To speed up the loading of workspaces for these kinds of tasks we have enabled the use of ephemeral storage during the creation of Che 7 workspaces.

In this release we’ve added some important improvements that allow ephemeral storage workspaces to operate correctly with the Che 7 Plugin Broker and ensure that volumes are efficiently shared between containers in a single pod.

More Information:

  • Ensure plugin broker works with ephemeral workspaces #11786
  • Share volumes between containers for ephemeral workspaces #11657

Additional Che 7 Plug-in Improvements

As we move towards Eclipse Che 7, we are continually making improvements to our support of plug-ins. In this release, one notable change is that Factories, one of Eclipse Che’s most popular features, are now implemented in a plug-in. We’ve also made it possible to specify a custom registry plug-in for Che 7 deployments.

More Information:

  • Factory plugin #11718
  • Add an ability to disable discover-ability of a plugin endpoint #11617
  • Add workspaceEnv to plugin, populate it on sidecar resolving #11596
  • Add an ability to use a custom registry for WS.NEXT plugins #11588

Improved Integration with Jaeger Tracing

In 6.14, we have begun work on the integration of Jaeger tracing from the underlying Kubernetes platform into Che. In this release we’ve focused on the Che workspace master. The release includes this functionality for OpenShift, but there’s a parallel work-in-progress branch for Kubernetes.

Although we don’t yet have tracing for workspace agents or the new Che 7 IDE based on Theia, eventually this will enable application developers to get a very detailed idea of where time is being spent in their distributed applications running in Che on Kubernetes or OpenShift.

  • Basic tracing support for OpenShift #11844

90 Changes

The 6.14.0 release includes 90 improvements to Eclipse Che. These changes cover every areas of the project. You can review the full list of changes in the project ChangeLog in the source code repository.


The Eclipse Che project is always looking for user feedback and new contributors! Find out how you can get involved and help make Che even better.

Staying In Touch

You can connect with the Eclipse Che community in a number of ways:

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