Eclipse Che 6.15, 6.16, and 6.17 Release Notes

Monitoring and tracing; CORS configuration; update Factory and Containers plugins; New stacks

Dave Neary
Jan 23, 2019 · 6 min read

Happy New Year to everyone from the Eclipse Che community! The development team has been hard at work and we have had three regularly scheduled releases in the last few weeks. Here are the highlights from those releases.

Combined the releases bring a number of improvements to security, monitoring and plugins:

  • Improvements and more metrics for tracing and monitoring
  • New framework for configuring Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Updated version of Tomcat for the Che Server
  • New Factory and Container plug-in releases
  • New PostgreSQL + NodeJS stack

Quick Start

Learn more in our documentation and start using a shared Che server or local instance today.

Tracing and Monitoring Improvements

Exposing Che Metrics to Prometheus (v6.15)

To enable this feature, set the environment variable CHE_METRICS_ENABLED=true for the Che deployment. A variety of metrics will then be exposed from the JVM, class loader, and Tomcat server.

We have also added the support for collecting tracing data by deploying Jaeger in the Eclipse Che Helm chart. This gives the Che administrator the ability to get fine-grained information about the state of workspaces on the server.

Since the 6.14 release, Che has exposed tracing data about REST requests made to the workspace master server. This capability has been greatly enhanced in 6.15, with detailed information and reports about the progress of workspace operations, including timings of asynchronous jobs. This enables the server operators to gain more insight into the performance characteristics of the Che server and allows for better troubleshooting.

Prometheus and Grafana Deployed in Che Helm Chart (v6.16)

The Eclipse Che server has been emitting a number of metrics since the 6.15 release. To enable easier visualization of these metrics, the Helm chart for the Che server now also deploys a Prometheus server configured to scrape Che’s metrics and a Grafana server pre-configured with a sample dashboard.

To try it out, install Che’s Helm chart with --set global.metricsEnabled=true.

New Metrics for Workspace Status and Failures (v6.17)

Update /activity REST Endpoint (v6.16)

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Preparing for CORS Changes

Alterable CORS Configuration (v6.15)

The environment variables available for configuration are:

  • CHE_CORS_ALLOW__CREDENTIALS - "". Default value is 'true'
  • CHE_CORS_ALLOWED__ORIGINS - "". Default value is '*'
  • CHE_CORS_ENABLED - toggle to turn CORS on or off on WS Master. True by default
  • CHE_WSAGENT_CORS_ALLOWED__ORIGINS - This variable can be used to automatically propagate CHE_CORS_ALLOWED__ORIGINS for ws agents. It is created for easier testing of intended configuration.

Upgrade Tomcat, and Change CORS Configuration (v6.16)

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New NodeJS and PostgreSQL Stack (6.16)

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Use New Factory and Containers Plugins (v6.17)

We have also evolved the Factory capability of Eclipse Che to use the new devfile format, which is a new and improved way to define a developer workspace for Che and other developer workspace managers.

Related Pull Requests:

161 Improvements


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