Eclipse Che 7 is Coming and It’s Really Hot (3/4)

Stevan Le Meur
Dec 19, 2018 · 3 min read

New workspaces model, full “dev-mode” for application runtimes — Eclipse Che the first kube-native IDE !

In the latests blog posts, we highlighted the main focus area of Eclipse Che 7, the new plugin model. This blog post explain the different changes that have been introduced to the Che workspaces, in order to prive full “dev-mode” capabilities on top of application runtimes by sidecaring developer tooling.

Kubernetes native IDE

This new version of Eclipse Che makes it the first Kubernetes native IDE.

Developers using Eclipse Che use containers directly in their developer workspaces. Che workspaces provide a “dev mode” layer on top of the containers used in production, adding intellisense and IDE toolings.

The work on Workspace.Next allows Che to use bare application definitions (a Docker image, a Composefile or a list of Kubernetes resources) without the need to patch them to inject the IDE services. With Workspace.Next, IDE toolings are microservices packaged in their own sidecar containers, bringing their own dependencies and keeping application’s containers untouched. The execution of IDE toolings is isolated from each other and from the application’s containers too. Each IDE tool now gets its own lifecycle, the ability for easy upgrading or switching, and coming soon its own scalability mechanism.

You can learn more in the following blog post:

Try Eclipse Che 7 Now!

Want to give a try to the new version of Eclipse Che 7? Try the following:

Click on the following factory URL :

Or Create your account on, create a new workspace and select “Che 7” stack.

You can also test that locally, by installing the latest version of Eclipse Che: Quick Start with Eclipse Che.

Want to learn more?

Blog post about Eclipse Che 7:

That’s it for the second blog post introducing Eclipse Che 7. The next blog post, will cover the new enterprise features and release schedule.

Get Involved!

Quick Start with Eclipse Che.

Join the community:

  • Support: You can ask questions, report bugs, and request features using GitHub issues.
  • Public Chat: Join the public eclipse-che Mattermost channel to discuss with community and contributors.
  • Weekly Meetings: Join us in our Che community meeting every second monday.
  • Mailing list:

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