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5 Tips for Staying Zero Waste at Work

Going Zero Waste Work Life.

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It is tough to minimize waste in the workplace, especially if your job is wasteful.

I have observed there are so many jobs that produce a lot of trash.

Before sharing the tips for staying zero waste at work, first, I need to say waste happens.

Do you know the average office workers generate 2 pounds of waste just from paper products every day? Yes, It has been examined. And when we add this waste with the bottle bags, disposable coffee mugs, food scraps wastage, offices produce a ton of trash.

To live or lead an Eco-friendly working lifestyle, I don’t think you need solid sustainability management. You need sustainable-minded employees in your office who can find the best alternatives to reduce waste at the workplace.

However, encouraging employees to work with zero waste is very difficult, but gosh, how much it will be rewarding when you experience its results?

Without further ado, I will share with you the amazing tips that can help you reduce waste in the workplace.

1 Pack Your Own Lunch.

Photo by Kelsey Curtis on Unsplash

Carrying your own lunch and snacks to the workplace in a reusable container not only reduces the waste but can also save thousands of dollars that you usually spend on online food.

At the workplace, many of my colleagues get their lunch from nearby restaurants or order online. This results in so much packaging waste and excessively costly.

If you want to save money and packaging waste, then it is advisable to bring healthy and home-made food in a reusable container.

2 Eco-Friendly Office Supplies.

Photo by Laura Olsen on Unsplash

Filling a drawer with lots of pens, marketers, and highlighters are the office things. But, they easily get dried out if they are not used regularly. Instead of using pen, you can use pencils and also color pencils. One of the best things I love about my office desk is how few supplies I have- 2 pencils, one stapler, a bottle ink, 2 fountain pens, and a dairy. I also keep one cloth napkin in the place of tissues. And of course, if you join a green team at work, choose office supplies that are easy to reuse.

3 Reduce Paper Work.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Rather writing everything on the paper, use email services. Using email in the workspace doesn’t only reduce the waste, but also saves your time. Right from sending documents, asking for a query to presentation use an email platform. If you work in the company where you need to present everything on paper, then print documents on both sides of the paper.

4 Shirk Your Energy Footprints.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

PCs, printers, laptops, and other office necessities use lots of energy, which generates a high electricity bills bit and energy footprints. However, it is impossible to control the office’s electricity, but if you work from home, flip the switch off when the items are not in use. I advise my readers who work in the office, talk to the IT departments and boss to give you an access o switch off the computers and other electronic devices.

5 Help Give Coworkers the Green Bug.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Sharing zero-waste thoughts with colleagues is an incredible way to spread awareness about the sustainable lifestyle. Try giving out reusable coffee bugs, suggesting them to bring lunch in a recycling container, and sending them emails about zero-waste lifestyle. Make sure, when discussing the sustainable lifestyle, remember to frame the information politely, not dissing their habits. I know you can excite your team to go green.

Let me know what the other tips to keep a workspace zero waste are?



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