3-Minutes with Prosper Nwankpa

Today for our Member Spotlight we’re sitting down with Prosper Nwankpa, a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of multiple successful startups. Prosper has been a member of the ECO-SYSTM community for a little over 6-months, and in that time has headed a team of immensely talented individuals who are all a pleasure to have in the office! Prosper’s company, Avanoo, provides organizations with software that delivers a learning platform comprised of 3-minute-a-day educational videos in a process known as “microlearning”. More on that in just a second!

Prosper was born and raised in Nigeria and as a young man became obsessed with building companies, teams and software. After graduating from college, Prosper built his first company, focussed on social networking, and was acquired one year later. Later, he started another company called Peanut Labs, which was focused on democratizing market research. They were also acquired in only three years, and are still extrememly successful to this day. Now, Prosper is going for the hat trick with Avanoo, a fascinating concept as well as a unique departure from his previous ventures.

Avanoo serves huge names as long term enterprise clients, such as Kaiser, Roche, Citi, The U.S. Treasury Department and The IRS. By partnering with more than 200 renowned experts worldwide, they are able to curate their own content to build a host of unique programs. As a result, users are able to actually see and understand the impact of their learning by receiving cutting-edge data that allows them to view the pace in which they are growing and developing new skills. And with a 94% approval rating from their users, this education process is clearly effective.

Prosper enjoys coworking because it gives him a chance to meet and mingle with many different entrepreneurs working on many different projects, something that’s clearly up his alley. It’s been awesome to have Prosper and his team as members of ECO-SYSTM and we can’t wait to see them continue to grow and thrive!

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