Digging up Dandelions with Alana Herro

Today for our Member Spotlight we’re getting to know Alana Herro from Antenna Group. Alana has been a dedicated member of our ECO-SYSTM community since August 2016, and it’s been a joy having her and the rest of the Antenna Team working in the office.

Alana is an Account Supervisor with Antenna Group and absolutely loves the projects she gets to work on with them. Antenna is currently the leading PR firm working in the field of clean-tech, and in their over 2-decade span have generated thousands of communications campaigns for hundreds of unique companies. By focusing on each of their clients’ unique “entrepreneurial DNA” and maintaining a transparent atmosphere, Antenna has been able to achieve breakthrough results with their clients and in the process have become a well-known and well-trusted name in PR. If you’re still curious as to how they’ve achieved success for so long, just take a look at their team (a.k.a The Ants). Antenna is committed to cultivating a team of genuine experts, who are not only committed to their clients’ success, but to the field of clean-tech itself. This is where Alana comes in!

“I’ve been in love with both the environment and writing since I was about 7”

And in case you need proof of this claim, see below!

Well said, past-Alana!

After taking a circuitous life-rout from Wisconsin to DC to San Francisco, Alana is thrilled to be working with a team that shares her own well-kept values.

“I’m now happily helping some of the coolest mission-driven environmental companies in the heart of innovation+sustainability”

As an ECO-SYSTM member Alana has helped to improve our community by sharing local events, introducing us to interesting local organizations and spearheading office activities. Just this past holiday season Alana linked us up with the SF Firefighters Toy Drive, creating what is now an annual opportunity for our members to give back to the less fortunate. When asked about what she liked most about coworking, she responded:

“The energy that comes from lots of various people, working to make a difference in their own way, intersecting and colliding and mixing into new and beautiful things.”

Well said, present-Alana :)

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