Epic Times with Amberly Miller

Many of the teams here at ECO-SYSTM focus on improving the success of fellow business owners. One such company is Epic Impact, a group devoted to helping young businesses increase their revenue by forming their own scalable sales machine. What does that mean? It means that they work with their clients to provide the wisdom and training needed to construct the specific selling model they’ll need to achieve their goals.

The Epic Impact Equation for Success

Behind this recipe for success is a highly motivated team of entrepreneurs that resides here at ECO-SYSTM. Among them is business manager, Amberly Miller, a awesomely energetic hard worker who makes ECO-SYSTM that much more fun a place to be!

Amberly made her start working in finance for three years until breaking free from the industry’s business casual chains to focus on freelance projects. After putting together her own team, she went on to lead a consulting firm on virtual team architecture and recruiting.

After several years of overseeing this team, Amberly began working with her now full-time teammates at Epic Impact in August 2016. She is currently the business manager for their team, overseeing day-t0-day operations and keeping the group organized. She is also a stellar ECO-SYSTM member who adds tons of positive energy to our coworking community by going the extra mile to make connections with the members and staff here.

When asked about her favorite aspects of coworking with us, she responded with gusto!

Do I have to pick just one?! I learn so much from my fellow coworkers, and I’m constantly getting ideas on new tools to use and innovative ways to solve whatever comes up in our business. It’s such a huge benefit to be able to draw on the collective knowledge and experience of people doing really innovative stuff. Just last week a member showed me a tool that totally changed the way we kept track of our client information!
I think my favorite thing though about coworking is the energy in the room- it’s impossible to feel stuck or unmotivated in here! So much happens here at Eco-Systm every day and when you walk in you can totally feel the buzz.

Well, Amberly, you’re helping in so many ways to create that buzz every day, and we are endlessly thankful for members like you who make this an fun, productive and overall amazing place to work. Keep up the epic work!

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