Gelling with Michelle Laurino

Today for our member spotlight we are getting to know Michelle Laurino and learning a little bit about her company IGEL, who have been a huge facet of the ECO-SYSTM community for well over a year now. IGEL is a technology leader that specializes in endpoint management solutions and they are currently one of the top thin client software and hardware manufacturers in the world!

Michelle is the HR Manager for IGEL and has been with them ever since her move to the Bay Area eight months ago. She was previously located in Mendocino where she worked in a similar position at a hospitality firm for nine years. One particular aspect of the job at IGEL that Michelle loves is that they are truly a global initiative, which provides a chance to engage in culturally rounded work while also providing exciting travel opportunities. The company itself has German origins, so it’s not uncommon for the entire staff to be sent over to Germany for weeks at a time.

IGEL believes that their clients should have access to devises that are equal parts configurable as well as secure. In their own words..

Whether connecting to Citrix, VMware, or Microsoft; whether connecting from an internal network or from the public Internet; whether using most any 64-bit x86 desktop, laptop, thin client or pocket device, our endpoint operating system, IGEL OS, provides a common experience for your users and ensures that they can maximize their productivity.

One of Michelle’s favorite aspects of coworking with us is the opportunity to share the space with our in-house art gallery and its rotating collection. She says the coffee is good too ;)

Thank you for being such a great member of our community, Michelle! We look forward to seeing all that you and your team will accomplish in the coming months!

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