Green Living with Scott Cooney

Today for our Member Spotlight we’re getting to know Scott Cooney, published author and CEO of Pono Home, a residential and light commercial energy efficiency company based out of Honolulu. As an eco-friendly coworking space, we simply love it when our members show an active interest in global sustainable efforts, which is why we’re so pleased to have a member like Scott, who’s enthusiasm to help create a healthier and more energy efficient environment has transformed into a lifelong career. But the story doesn’t simply begin and end with Pono Home.

As a young man, Scott’s parents offered him some wise and invaluable advice…

“do what you love and the money will follow.”

Since then, he’s done just that, striving to build businesses that focus on environmentally sustainable practices. After receiving his M.S. and M.B.A. from Colorado State University, Scott went on to publish two books: Build a Green Small Business (2008) and more recently Green Living Ideas, a book centered on ways to build greener homes. In addition to these hefty contributions to the public education of green living, Scott has also served as a Professor of Sustainability in Business at The University of Hawaii.

In 2012 he founded Important Media, a media network responsible for over 20 news sites pertaining to sustainability, the flagship being CleanTechnica, the world’s largest news site dedicated to renewable energy, electric vehicles and other forms of clean technology. It was this site that helped Scott launch his most recent endeavor, Pono Home, which was chosen by the nation’s largest clean tech incubator for inclusion in its 2014 and 2016 cohorts, which lead to its eventual registration as its own corporation. Since then, Pono Home has been responsible for “greening” over 1000 homes in Hawaii while dramatically reducing their customers’ energy demand, saving them thousands. Additionally, their work has also been responsible for reducing CO2 emissions by over 2 million pounds annually!

As if this weren’t enough for the five-time eco-entrepreneur, Scott was also able to take the time to develop his very own sustainability board game entitled GBO Hawaii, and he occasionally leads workshops on various topics including green tech, sustainable business practices and inbound marketing. As an ECO-SYSTM member, he’s been extremely proactive in the community and recently co-hosted the SF Sustainability Unconference right here in the space, which was met with enthusiasm from local sustainability driven businesses.

Scott’s been with us for just about 6 months. He enjoys knocking out his daily tasks while standing at our tall communal work desks, and he’s always happy to grab lunch or coffee with the other members. Aside from that, Scott really enjoys the people of ECO-SYSTM and appreciates being able to interact with other entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.

Well Scott, we certainly appreciate having you here too, and can’t wait to see all the wonderful and important work you have yet to bring to the world!

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