Interview with Christina Barone (People Ops and Finance Associate at Binc)

“Don’t take negative things too hard. Take a deep breath and consider the long term perspective”

says Christina Barone, People Ops and Finance Associate at Binc. Christina grew up in Berkeley and studied Social Psychology at Bard College in New York. She works in the operations department of Binc which is a tech recruiting company. Binc’s recruiters focus on delivering results, sharing marketplace expertise, fostering trust, and building business partnerships.

When Christina was younger, she wasn’t very sure of what she was going to do for work. She initially worked in operations for several different restaurant groups. What Christina particularly likes about the coworking community is that you can be social when you want, and can get work done at the same time. “ECO-SYSTM is a very casual and adaptable space. It’s a lot more personal”, notes Christina. She has already been working at ECO-SYSTM for six months now. In her spare time she enjoys walking around parks, hiking and reading a lot about history. She especially loves all of the green space and parks in San Francisco! A fun fact about Christina is that she would love to visit Japan someday, because of the incredible and old history as well as the different food that the country has to offer.