Interview with Lizzie Kreitman (Project Manager at Hello Next Step)

“Always try to find something good in each day”,

Is what Lizzie Kreitman, Project Manager at Hello Next Step, pursues as a motto for each day. Lizzie is originally from New York City and moved to San Francisco in October 2017. She works as a client-facing project manager, copywriter, and junior strategist at Next Step which is a behavioral science marketing agency. The Project Manager helps clients with their marketing strategy. “It is important for us to detect where the client wants us to focus on their projects”, states Lizzie. She herself manages the website design & development as well as the event marketing. If you were to ask Lizzie about her job aspirations in life, she would definitely eager for a job as a writer back in New York. As she studied Human Development & Psychological Services and Film & Media Studies in Chicago, she is keen on working in the film and television industry again.

What Lizzie likes about working in a coworking space is that she gets the opportunity to meet new people she would not normally meet and is able to attend several events. She has chosen to work at ECO-SYSTM because it is smaller and more familiar than other coworking places. What she likes about San Francisco is that there are so many surrounding places you can go to. When Lizzie is not working, you will most likely find her finishing the next book of the week or watching another movie. She also enjoys writing about TV shows on her own social media page. If Lizzie were able to choose the places she could travel to next, she would definitely go for Thailand and New Zealand!

One of the many awesome things about Lizzie is that she tries to write down one line each day stating what makes her happy! She says its a good and easy way to recall little moments in life. Thank you Lizzie, for sharing this idea with us! You should try it too!