Interview with Vishal Kalia — CEO and founder of Rogueline

It’s good to make mistakes. Life is not taught by the book”

Vishal Kalia, founder and CEO of ROGUELINE, has been working at ECO-SYSTM for three years now. Vishal originally lived and studied in Sacramento. He moved to San Francisco seven years ago when he started his own company ROGUELINE. ROGUELINE is a resource center for the fashion industry and is for anyone who wants to start a fashion, clothing, retail or beauty business. “We provide the industry with our consulting. There are a lot of tools to use in this industry and if a company is unsure on which one to use, we assist them step by step.” ROGUELINE simplifies the technological process for those who do not have a technological background. Vishal himself specializes on artificial intelligence, content marketing, product as well as solution development.

When he was younger, he had no idea what he wanted to do for work. “I easily get bored if it’s not challenging”, he admits. Vishal has a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has worked in several different industries like real estate and fashion. What he particularly likes about the coworking community is that you meet new people everyday and even are able to make some really great friends. “It’s great how we can work late together and complain at the same time”, he points out. All in all, he figures that ECO-SYSTM offers a fun and nice environment with a lot of startups that constantly change. Vishal would like to emphasize that you should always do what makes you happy in regards to your personal and work life. In his spare time, Vishal likes to read and enjoy managing the company’s YouTube channel. In addition to that, he likes going out to different events around San Francisco. Vishal’s dream location for travel would definitely be Switzerland and London.