Meet Madison

Meet Madison. Some may know her as maddychatty or CurlieQT? Yes, these were in fact her usernames back in the day. Can you believe it? Good thing she’s grown up now. Madison has been working at ECO-SYSTM for a little over one month now and time is flying! Her favorite part about ECO-SYSTM are the people. She says she is inspired by all of the self starters and innovators that come to work everyday. Everyone that works at ECO-SYSTM has a special kind of passion that gets them out of bed and into the office. She loves being able to help run the space where all of this magic happens!

In Madison’s spare time she enjoys going out to eat tasty food with friends, hiking in the hills, practicing yoga or cooking up something good in the kitchen. She also loves to travel, and tries her best to visit new places every chance she get! One of her dearest hobbies are taking/editing photos and reading- which is something she says she doesn’t get to do enough of.

We asked Madison what her favorite candy was, her answer: “A mystery flavored airhead because you never know what you’re gonna get.” Madison likes surprises and in the coworking world, surprises happen every day! The day to day activities are always a mystery!

Thanks to Madison for all your hard work, and welcome to the wonderful world of coworking!

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