Meet Mariya!

Mariya has been with Zen Compound for about 3 years now. In 2014, she started doing promotion work for Temple Night Club and later started bartending art shows for Mirus Gallery. One really cool thing about Zen Compound is that we have Hive Cafe, Temple Night Club, ECO-SYSTM and Mirus Art Gallery all working under one roof! Pretty awesome right? Mariya is unlike all of us other managers because she’s actually been able to work in multiple areas of the Compound.

Maryia says the best thing about working at ECO-SYSTM is being surrounded by art and music. She always loves to share new beats to dance to with her friends, and is inspired by Mirus to create art herself because of the constant new work we have around the space. In Mariya’s free time she likes to bike to Baker Beach, go out for wings with friends, and eat tacos! She also loves the winter time because it’s snowboarding season in Tahoe!

We asked Mariya what her favorite type of candy would be and she said a Tootsie Roll… Her reason? Because no one would eat her and she would live forever!

Thanks to Maryia for holding down the fort and making all the members feel welcomed in the space! Thanks also for the tasty bowl of candy on your desk, we love it!

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