Meet Our Member: Jay Walsh

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How long have you been at Eco-Systm? Tell us about the previous spaces you’ve worked in and how coworking has evolved changed over the years.
I’ve been at Eco-Systm for close to 2 years, since August of 2017. I started coworking — and have been continuously coworking — since January 2009, back when the San Francisco Coworking wiki had just a handful of locations on it. I previously worked at Citizen Space and also Next Space, both on 2nd Street. The ubiquity and mainstreaming of coworking is the most obvious change that I have seen in the past 10 years.

What is your favorite part about coworking?
I really don’t like working in cafes, I find offices too formal, and I find it destructively isolating to work at home. Coworking provides me with the perfect work setting — a place of my own to go to, the buzz of other people working, and the need to get out of my pajamas everyday and out the door but without having to get dressed up.

Tell us about a cool memory of your coworking experience at Eco-Systm.
The first day that I came over to Eco-Systm, I walked up the stairs to the second floor, entered the main room, and went … “Charlie?!” I knew Charlie from Next Space, but didn’t realize that he had continued on in coworking community management at Eco-Systm. Given that Next Space went out of business, and gave their members only a short time to make a new plan, it was a very welcoming experience to be greeted by an old friend on day one.

What makes you unique? Tell us about a hobby/passion/talent and how did it start?
If you were to come over to my house, you would be greeted by 4 mostly hairless Sphynx cats. (The one who isn’t completely hairless is part Devon Rex.) When my wife moved from Montreal to San Francisco 6 years ago, she pretty much brought a suitcase of clothes and her two Sphynx with her. At that time I had never had any animals of my own. Fast forward a few years, and I have officially turned into a Cat Daddy.

Tell us about your current occupation and how you got there.
I’m a healthcare economist. I’m an expert in how money moves around in the US health system. My specialty is Medicare, the program for seniors and disabled people, and specifically Medicare Advantage, one of the options available for people with Medicare coverage. Eco-Systm members are most likely not eligible for Medicare, but they should come talk to me if they ever have questions about purchasing health insurance, as I can probably help them make a better decision.

Anything else you want to say about coworking or yourself?
Second cool memory, and one that only makes sense after knowing my occupation… The coworking community, at least in San Francisco, tends to be very well represented with technology start-ups, app and web developers, and other types of work that have absolutely nothing to do with what I do, which is the business of healthcare. When my current neighbor [Rachel Davis] moved into the desk next to me, and we got to the what-do-you-do part of the introduction, instead of app developer or programmer, I found out that I was sitting next to a health policy analyst. Yes!!!

We love getting to know our members and appreciate how special they make our coworking office! Thanks, Jay, we hope your Eco-Systm experience keeps bringing you great memories!
If you are interested in joining the
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