Meet Our Member: Lauren Snyder

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Meet Lauren! She’s the Head of Partner Experience at AnyRoad, an Experience Relationship Management company that “helps brands measure their experiential marketing and build a lasting impact on brand loyalty and purchase behavior.” Lauren’s position is dynamic in that every day has the possibility of doing and experiencing something new! She explains, “One day I might be sharing a whiskey tasting with a client to learn about their brand, and the next day brainstorming the best metrics to measure craft classes to attract new customers into a retail store classroom.” The goal, Lauren explains, is to help people use data, creativity, and storytelling make an impact through their customers’ experiences with a brand. (Check out the photo below of her and another anyroad employee, Minakshi Saini, at Michael’s headquarters!)

Lauren has been working at Eco-Systm along with her AnyRoad colleagues for about 8 months! The AnyRoad team works in our open office space on the 2nd level and they have made a great impact in our community by attending many member events and giving this space an energetic presence. Lauren is one of the early birds of the space and says that there’s “an easiness to finding and accomplishing things in the office.” Lauren appreciates the little day-to-day activities and moments at Eco-Systm like, “geeking out on our day jobs over guacamole [at happy hour], having great massages in the ‘library,’ or hearing all the dogs run around and play!”

Something unique about Lauen: She was a musical theater major in college!

Something she hopes to do in the future is to, “eat some sushi in Tokyo someday soon.”

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We love getting to know our members and appreciate how special they make our coworking office! Thanks, Lauren, we hope your Eco-Systm experience keeps bringing you and the AnyRoad team great memories!

If you are interested in joining the Eco-Systm community click here and we will be happy to give you a tour of our space!

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