Interview with Rachel Davis (Associate Director at Center for Health Care Strategies)

Meet Rachel! She is the associate director for program innovation at Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS), a non-profit that helps state and the federal government, hospitals and health insurance companies think about how to design policies and programs for people on Medicaid. With a master’s degree in public policy from NYU, Rachel has used her thinking, “to design services specifically for complex populations (i.e. those with physical, mental health, addiction, and social challenges such as homelessness).” Previously, she worked as a case manager for people living with HIV/AIDS and found herself thinking about problem solving at a system level.

Rachel joined Eco-Systm in August after coming back from maternity leave (check out how cute her little family is down below). Since CHCS is based in New Jersey and working from home wasn’t going to cut it, Rachel found exactly what she needs here at Eco-Systm: to work around people in a social atmosphere.

Rachel also appreciates that her four-pawed friend, Casper, is welcomed in the space with her. “Casper loves to curl up at the feet of everyone who shares a desk near us. I appreciate how much love he gets from everyone in the office- it makes him such a happy pup.”

A few things Rachel loves outside of work: She spends plenty of her free time “voraciously reading,” roughly reading one book per week (She is always looking for suggestions). Also, Rachel grew up in Boulder, and nothing makes her happier, “than the smell of pine trees on a warm day.”

Something she hopes to do in the future: “My husband’s family is from India, and so I would love to do a family trip there in several years when our baby gets old enough to remember it.”

We love getting to know our members and appreciate how special they make our coworking office! Thanks, Rachel, we hope your Eco-Systm experience keeps bringing you and Casper great memories!

ECO-SYSTM Coworking

We are a community driven coworking space in the heart of SOMA in San Francisco.

Claudia Luna-Morales

Written by

ECO-SYSTM Coworking

We are a community driven coworking space in the heart of SOMA in San Francisco.

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