Meet the Manager: SHIZ-NAT-SHAW

Everyone meet Charlie Shaw, aka SHIZ-NAT-SHAW (Charlie’s screen name during the AIM glory days). Snazzy huh?

Charlie has been a Community Manager at ECO-SYSTM for roughly two awesome years. He says that his favorite part about working at ECO-SYSTM is the community! He loves hanging out with the people in the office and has had an amazing time getting to know everyone. Charlie feels privileged to be able to come to work every day, giving the folks at the space access to the tools they need to get their ideas, projects and dreams off the ground. He loves observing companies at their various stages of progress and considers his job a unique opportunity that allows him to really see and understand how all of the diverse businesses are run from top to bottom. Charlie’s second most favorite thing about working at ECO-SYSTM…? The bean bags of course! They’re pretty amazing.

When Charlie is not being a superhero community manager, he reads, rides his bike, watches movies, listens to music, eats good food, and spends as much time as humanly possible with people who make him laugh! Lately he’s been in the market for a new hobby, or perhaps picking up an old one (skateboarding)? He’d love some suggestions, so if you have any advice for Mr. SHIZ-NAT-SHAW please don’t be shy.

Thanks to Charlie for your love for people and positive attitude! ECO-SYSTM would not be as fun as it is if it weren’t for your gong announcements and happy hour events! Cheers! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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