Quizmaster Noah!

Everyone meet Noah Tarnow! Read what he says about his current occupation and a few things he likes to do in his free time.

Take it away Noah!

I was a middling stand-up comedian with a desperate desire to get out of that awful business, but an insatiable need to entertain people/attract attention. I also had a penchant for collecting and sharing trivia, aka useless yet interesting information, so I decided, quite logically, that the best course of action for me was to become a quiz show host. But I discovered that Craigslist is not full of requests for quiz notes or trivia writers (my test game for “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” was well-received, but poorly timed, as the show was scaling back its staff), and I simultaneously suffered the humiliation of coming in second place on “Jeopardy!” (I got Final Jeopardy right, but I bet wrong — this is why I don’t play poker). So I decided to do it myself: In October 2002, I staged my first Big Quiz Thing trivia event, and ended up making more money than I did in, oh, a year of stand-up. It became my hobby, then my obsession, and eventually, my full-time business.

I have been at ECO-SYSTM for seven months and am one of NextSpace refugees. I love having an office to go to! It helps convince my parents that I have a real job. My favorite thing about ECO-SYSTM is the Bevi… aka the flavored- seltzer machine!

On my free time, I’d say I have a rather unhealthy obsession with karaoke. Last year I set myself the unquestionably noble goal of completing 400 karaoke performances before the end of 2017 (with the actual benefit of donating $1 to the ACLU for each song). I made it to 400 exactly, with two days to spare. This year I’m not keeping count, but I continue to live out my rock-star fantasies for the delight/amusement/confusion of others. I also have a cat, and I managed to bully Madison into adding her photo to the Dog Park wall.