Regaining Consciousness with Valerie Beltran

Today for our member spotlight we’re getting to know Valerie Beltran, psychotherapist, conscious hacker, gifted event coordinator and ECO-SYSTM member! It’s no secret that coworking spaces and awesome events go together like PB&J, and much of our success in putting together interesting, enlightening and fun programs in the office relies heavily on our members and their desire to share their own interests and passions with our community. This is where Valerie really shines!

Much of Valerie’s work rests on the belief that by using technology to promote qualities of self-awareness and empathy, we can ultimately help humanity evolve and grow for the better. This includes not just focusing on these positive concepts from an electronic or technological standpoint, but also teaching through spiritual practices such as meditation. Valerie’s passion is to help others discover these techniques and technologies so that their own work can evolve. This is where Conscious Hacking comes in, Valerie’s group where she operates as COO.

Consciousness Hacking is an organization helping to create a bridge between technology and spirituality by providing access to the tools necessary to achieve this union. Valerie believes that community and collaboration are paramount to creation, and therefore, loves to rub elbows with our team here at ECO-SYSTM. The feeling is definitely mutual!

Mindfulness, self-awareness and empathy are crucial elements for creating not just a good, but a great coworking community, and these are the core principles the good people from Consciousness Hacking are bringing to the table. We share in the belief that a positive and mindful attitude helps promote a strong and efficient work ethic, so clearly we couldn’t be happier to have Valerie and her crew here to help spread the good vibes and bring a little consciousness back into coworking!

For more about Valerie’s therapy practice, visit:

And for more about Consciousness Hacking, visit:

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