Thinking Globally with Megan Villanueva

Today for our member spotlight we got a chance to get to know one of our newer members in the ECO-SYSTM community, Megan Villanueva. Megan is a development associate for Global Press Institute, an organization that trains women in developing countries to become investigative journalists. It’s a cause we are certainly proud to have as a part of our community, and Megan herself is a superstar member!

Megan first became interested in editorial work while attending college. Her Law and Ethics Professor, Cristi Hegranes, founder and executive director of Global Press (another ECO-SYSTM member!), would speak about Global Press’ work in class, which caught Megan’s attention. After applying for a 4-month editorial internship, Megan was accepted while still a student and soon began a part-time role, all the while working as a full-time insurance agent. After 2-years in the insurance world and after finishing school, she began working full time for Global Press. As an added bonus, to celebrate the departure from her previous career, Cristi sent her a congratulatory message:

“Happy last day of insurance to you. Happy last day of insurance to you. Happy last day of insurance dear Megan. Happy last day of insurance to you.”

We loved that…

Global Press finds that the best way to revitalize international journalism is to first identify and accept its flaws. The fields of foreign correspondence and citizen journalism each have current limitations. While foreign correspondence suffers from a lack of diversity in both its stories and sources, citizen journalism contains no set code of ethics or support from a robust editorial system. Global Press seeks to mend these ongoing issues by providing a steady platform for women in developing media markets to become ethical, investigative journalists. Their 24-module training program is culminated by offering training graduates strong employment at Global Press Journal as professional reporters. Reporters are able to choose their own topics and are often able to cover stories overlooked by the mainstream media, effectively providing a genuine authenticity that directly contributes to the development of their communities, while creating a far more accurate global portrayal of their cultures.

Megan and the Global Press team have been members of ECO-SYSTM since January 2017, but despite being a tad on the newer side, they’ve already made a wonderful impact on the space with their inspiring work and wonderful attitudes.

We asked Megan what she liked most about working here at ECO-SYSTM and she responded:

“I love the diversity of organizations in coworking spaces and the overall energy of everyone being productive (most of the time :) ) The communal food doesn’t hurt either!”

Diversity and food, two staples of coworking culture that we’d certainly be lost without :) Thank you to Megan for sharing this awesome story and to Global Press for all the important work they do. We are truly lucky to have you in our community!

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