Yaffe Bros!

Jonathan Yaffe and Daniel Yaffe are two lovely members who work out of ECO-SYSTM. While both have very unique traits that differentiate them, they do have one thing in common — they’re BROTHERS! Jonathan is an entrepreneur who is passionate about education and travel, while Daniel is the author of an awesome book “Drink More Whiskey.” Learn about these two awesome brothers and some tips on how to work so closely with your sibling and not run into to conflict.

Jonathan Yaffe:
Jonathan Yaffe is an entrepreneur and educator who thinks the world is very small. He co-founded AnyRoad to bring an ERM (Experience Relationship Management) and data platform to enterprises who use real-world experiences to better emotionally connect with their customers. Jonathan is the founder of KAIS International School in Tokyo, and is passionate about education as well as travel. Jonathan is also the co-founder of the Mirai Institute, the first independent think tank in Japan, and Midori.so, an incubator and co-working space in Tokyo. Jonathan has been to 94 countries, lived in Brazil, Colombia, Switzerland, the United States, and Japan, and is a sushi addict.

Daniel Yaffe:
Daniel launched Drink Me Magazine and was the Producer at Open Content Media. After writing a book about Whiskey, he co-founded AnyRoad as a platform to help brands measure their experiential marketing. He currently serves as COO for the company and works closely with brands like Anheuser-Busch, Honda, the Warriors, and the Famous Grouse on their experiential marketing efforts.

Top 5 tips to working with your brother: (also works for sisters)

1. Be blunt. One of the best things about working with my brother is never needing to beat around the bush. We can call each other out on mistakes and bad decisions without worrying about hurting each other’s feelings.

2. Define roles extremely clearly. Sibling partners tend to clash when roles and responsibilities overlap. Use personal and professional strengths to define jobs and tasks.

3. Find time to hang out without discussing work. We go hiking sometimes and make no-work-talk time, and it allows us to balance our relationship as brothers with our roles as cofounders.

4. Take some time apart (especially while traveling). While we love each other, when we work and travel and eat and go out and hike and work more together, that’s a LOT of time together, and sometimes you just need some personal space.

5. Practice ESP. Communicate enough, and you won’t need words to understand each other. Sometimes our conversation goes like this:
J: So, I was thinking…
D: Yeah, I was thinking that too. Let’s do it.