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EcoCREDIT Weekly Sustainability Wrap Up — May 5 ‘22

It’s been another fantastic week for sustainability! This week’s musing: Are warm-blooded reptiles just biological solar panels? 🤔

Of course, they’re far more than that as living creatures and integral parts to their respective biological ecosystems. However, it’s really cool that nature has designed energy systems far more efficient than the brightest human engineers.

Simply changing solar panel designs to mimic tree foliage resulted in an efficient increase of 47%! 🤯

We’re clearly behind the curve as a species when it comes to living harmoniously with our natural environment. That’s why it’s so encouraging to watch the tidal wave of environmentally conscious initiatives and innovations grow week by week!

Nature knows best — it’s been at it for a long time now! 🌴

The People Demand Action!

A recent survey from Lloyds Banking Group demonstrated that 74% of respondents said businesses should have a net zero carbon emission strategy in place. The survey made no mention of a specific deadline, but the rise of the Net Zero 2050 movement shows the salience of the public’s desire to move away from fossil fuels. In stark contrast to this public opinion, a shocking 50% of senior business decision-makers interviewed revealed their company had no such strategy!

Big opportunity in listening to customers 😉

This survey shows what many of us already know: there’s a massive disconnect between the public and corporate views on climate action. Given that the economy’s transportation, energy, and industrial segments make up over 75% of global emissions, this lack of net zero strategy is problematic. As public opinion shifts evermore towards sustainable alternatives, there is a massive market and moral opportunity for satisfying their demand.

The Names Bond — Green Bond

Okay, the title is a tad corny, but it’s a cool concept! The UK financial services industry is experimenting with a concept known as a green bond. This financial instrument pays a modest yet comparatively lower yield and uses the sale proceeds to invest in sustainable alternatives. The government hopes to use this tool to accelerate its Net Zero 2050 commitment roadmap by tapping into the coffers of willing financiers.

The no-longer-EU wayward island nation isn’t alone. Its mainland counterpart has been playing with the concept for quite a while. PWC Luxembourg projects the European Green Bond sector to explode to a massive $1.6 trillion by 2026, a significant increase that rivals the carbon credit market. While not all these bonds focus on climate issues (some focus on social issues), the inclusion of the public and financial instruments to work on such matters is an encouraging development.

Burying Money… Sort Of

Green bonds have the potential to make a significant climate impact, but that doesn’t let our friends in business off the hook regarding environmentally sustainable practices. Thankfully, there’s a strong argument to be made regarding profitable sustainability. A recent study concluded that the economic value of plastics wasting away in global landfills amounts to a startlingly large $2.3 billion… in 2019 alone. With this amount of plastic constituting 12% of the United States’ energy production, that’s a crazy level of waste.

Trash, or a billion dollar payday in the making? 💰

Scientists point to optimized sorting technologies at the point of disposal and landfill sites. Such technology could produce economic value ranging from $4.5 to nearly $10 billion! That’s a huge chunk of change for sorting through trash. You won’t even have to get your hands dirty. Robotic technologies and sensors do the messy work while you reap the profits from near zero cost plastic materials for resale. If you have a penchant for engineering and a heart for environmental science, this could be your ticket to a serious payday, earning well while doing good.

The Wrap Up’s Wrap Up

From sorting trash to financing sustainable activity for the average citizen, there’s no shortage of progress when it comes to ecologically conscious developments! We’re staring down one of the most existential threats our planet has ever faced, and the only way to maximize our chances of reversing this dangerous trend is by working together! Public opinion shows that people demand action, and more moves are made every day towards a more harmonious existence with our natural environment.

That’s why we’re so laser-focused on making sustainability accessible and fun for your average person! By aligning the incentives of individuals, businesses, and governments, we can accelerate climate action and avoid the worst fallout of climate change. Soon we’ll be releasing the first application built with the EcoCREDIT carbon offset technology — Ecolands! Stay tuned for exciting developments, including how you can secure your free virtual real estate in the sustainability metaverse!

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