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EcoCREDIT X Forward Protocol

TL;DR: The plug-and-play sustainability of EcoCREDIT meets the no-code elegance of Forward Protocol. Living green has never been so easy!

Going Further Together

Collaboration makes the world go ‘round. While we’re pushing on all fronts to revolutionize access to the voluntary carbon credit market, we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re partnering with world-class companies and organizations to accelerate our social and technical reach. Fighting climate change is a team sport, and the more hands on deck, the more potent our efforts become.

Our partnership with Forward Protocol serves as a prime example of how working together helps everyone go further, faster. As the leading no-code solution for Web3 smart contracts, Forward makes it easy for anyone to deploy simple blockchain applications with the click of a few buttons. No need to spend countless hours delving into the depths of solidity — simply connect to Forward, select the smart contract parameters you want, and deploy!

As we diligently work to finalize the EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon credit engine’s parameters, we’re setting the stage for a blockbuster go-live event! Partnering with Forward will supercharge these efforts, allowing anyone to build sustainable applications without needing in-depth knowledge of smart contracts. This unprecedented accessibility further democratizes access to sustainable alternatives, allowing anyone to support the nascent carbon credit industry and fund global sustainability projects.

All mighty trees start from a single seed!

Expanding Horizons

We’re in the early stages of something amazing. The ability to easily fund sustainability initiatives while keeping track of how these actions reduce your carbon footprint makes sustainability tangible for the first time. Rather than relying on altruism and making individuals feel bad about living their daily lives, EcoCREDIT makes sustainability engaging, fun, and persistent.

Keep an eye out for future announcements regarding partnerships, milestones, team expansion, and more! We’re just getting started on the road to revolutionizing sustainability!

Forward Protocol

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Eco empowers individuals and businesses with easily accessible carbon offsets. Allow your customers to offset the carbon impact of their purchases with the click of a button.

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