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Ecolands BIG REVEAL! The Gamified Sustainable Metaverse

TL;DR: Ecolands makes sustainability fun and engaging. Speculate on virtual real-estate, mint exclusive landmarks as NFTs, and build your metaverse empire, all while making a seriously positive climate impact. DEMO VIDEO AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE!!

The Big Sad

Most sustainability platforms today share a common problem — they rely almost exclusively on altruism and the goodwill of users. Remind people that they’re contributing in small ways to the huge issue of global climate change, and they sometimes feel responsible enough to act. Therein lies the problem — sustainable action is currently associated with feelings of guilt, blame, and the need to “fix the mess you’ve made.”

Saving our global environment shouldn’t rely on making people feel bad. If we’re going to reverse course and avoid the worst fallout of climate change, we need to make working on sustainability fun and engaging, not guilt-ridden and static.

That’s where Ecolands comes in, boasting the flexibility of cutting-edge NFT and metaverse technology and blending it with the power of world-renowned NGOs. Up to 80% of revenue from each sale in Ecolands goes towards buying carbon credits on the open market, which we then log to the immutable blockchain. These purchases fund sustainability initiatives worldwide and have a tangible, positive impact on our environment.

Ecolands map overlay

Hacking Sustainability

So, how does Ecolands accomplish the feat of moving sustainability beyond guilt-tripping users? By leveraging gamification, social proof, and financialization.

  • Gamification — Just like in the physical world, virtual real estate within Ecolands has value based on its location. Plots in downtown Amsterdam will have more eyeballs and bids than rural farmland. By giving users the chance to strategize about land location, plot size, and end goal for their virtual real estate, Ecolands offers nearly endless options. All the while, any purchases made in Ecolands go directly to funding sustainable projects globally.
  • Social Proof — NFTs have both flex and function. Ecolands uses NFT technology to provide an immutable record of who owns what in the sustainable virtual metaverse, providing a clear function. However, the ability to flex is equally important — it’s why designer jewelry costs an arm and a leg but comes with big bragging rights. Ecolands publicly displays which Web3 wallets owns which virtual plots, serving as a powerful social proof. Use your prime real estate to flex with your friends, set custom images and encoded messages on your plots, and show the world your sustainable virtual real estate!
Individual profiles for individual flex
  • Financialization — Real-estate prices tend to fluctuate over time. When anyone purchases a plot of virtual real estate in Ecolands, the price of available tiles in the vicinity increases to reflect this demand. Dense urban areas will likely trend higher than rural land, allowing for more customized strategies and benefiting early buyers who want to take advantage of increasing prices in their local area. If demand in a certain area stays static for long enough, prices will slowly trend downwards towards floor price. This dynamic pricing ensures maximum opportunity for users while ensuring a sustainable market for the long term!

Bringing it Together

The powerful combination of these features makes working on sustainability fun and engaging for the first time. Every plot in Ecolands starts at the floor price of $1, making it highly accessible to any Web3 user. As plots of virtual real estate get bought, the price of various high-demand areas will rise to reflect that demand. Speculate to your heart’s content, or HODL your favorite virtual real estate for the long term!

Ecolands NFT Anatomy

Ecolands starts with the Netherlands, which contains 156 million individual plots. This huge number of available virtual plots presents amazing opportunities for users who want to build their virtual real-estate empire while making a difference for the global environment. After this initial launch, Ecolands will go global in stages, offering immense opportunities for building a portfolio of sustainable virtual real estate. To put Ecolands’ commitment to sustainability into context, Greenpeace, one of the leading sustainability initiatives globally, commits 81% of its proceeds to funding sustainable projects. Ecolands stands toe-to-toe with this giant, committing up to 80% of all revenues to carbon credits.

We also don’t throw $5 million in a haphazard attempt to change Bitcoin’s code. That’s hard-earned capital that could have otherwise gone towards reducing carbon emissions, but we digress. The big takeaway is that you can build your virtual empire while making a tangible impact on climate change!

Finally, you may be wondering where the EcoCREDIT token fits into all this. We’re excited to reveal that users can stake their EcoCREDIT tokens in their owned plots and receive a share of the retained revenue from the sale of plots! This configuration means that users staking EcoCREDIT tokens receive stable assets in exchange for staking their tokens, thereby eliminating any potential sell pressure associated with traditional liquidity mining events. As promised, the EcoCREDIT token is your virtual ticket to significant utility and benefits in Ecolands!

Stake to earn while making a difference!

Chapter One

This big reveal represents the first step of our master plan to hack sustainability and make it genuinely fun and engaging for a wider audience. Offsetting your carbon footprint and contributing to the fight against climate change shouldn’t rely on making you feel bad about living your daily life. Rather, it should be a fulfilling and worthwhile process that also rewards users in various ways. The initial release of Ecolands represents the first installment of a suite of applications that is quickly revolutionizing how people think about sustainability!

We’re incredibly excited to be part of the growing sustainable revolution. We’ll soon be releasing an application form for the Closed Beta Test group for Ecolands! Anyone interested can sign up for their chance to explore the software and assist in fine-tuning the application for launch in late May. Make sure to follow EcoCREDIT and Ecolands on social media for your chance for additional perks and benefits as we lead up to the blockbuster launch of Ecolands!

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