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Partnership: Rev3al X EcoCREDIT!

We’re excited to announce a partnership with the Rev3al ecosystem! As one of the most well-recognized up-and-coming NFT verification protocols in the industry, the world-class Rev3al team brings incredible integrity and utility to non-fungible assets. EcoCREDIT will be utilizing Rev3al technology to verify the legitimacy of our tokenized carbon offsets, ensuring the utmost transparency from start to finish!

Why It Matters

The validity of carbon offsets remains one of the most crucial components of the young industry. Due to the small and largely informal nature of the verification process, there exists much room for potential discrepancy. Third-party verification entities such as Vera and Gold Standard Registry facilitate the physical verification of carbon offset projects, ensuring that trees are being planted, forests conserved, and any other steps pertinent to a given project. These entities work well for the physical world, but what about Web3?

Rev3al specializes in verifying NFT issuances and ensuring the validity of syndicated assets. This verification layer ensures that anyone purchasing tokenized carbon offsets from EcoCREDIT can confirm their legitimacy! As the protocol grows in scope, scale, and adoption, third-party verification on and off-chain grows in tandem. This partnership secures the Web3 component of EcoCREDIT, providing further protection to users and the environment!

About Rev3al

Web3 technologies present unique challenges when it comes to asset verification. You may own a Bored Ape, but how can we confirm that it’s one of the Bored Apes? Right-click and save may be the popular NFT meme right now, but it holds some truth. Anyone can create a collection on OpenSea or other NFT aggregation websites. This unfettered accessibility leaves room for fraudulent copycats and lookalikes. That’s where Rev3al comes in. Rev3al adds additional layers of verification to NFTs, helping confirm the authenticity of collections and non-fungible assets. As the industry continues to grow, the legitimacy of digital assets becomes ever more important.


Climate change remains the most serious existential threat to our world. Carbon offsets are one of the most powerful yet underutilized tools in the fight to protect our natural environment. EcoCREDIT helps to solve the accessibility crisis in the carbon offset market by bringing them on chain! By tokenizing carbon offsets, anyone can buy any quantity of carbon offsets at any time. This process removes the long settlement times, large order blocks, and manual brokerage processes that currently define the voluntary carbon offset industry. In this way, EcoCREDIT helps to herald a new era of accessibility and inclusion in the carbon offset industry, making a positive difference for our global environment!

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Eco empowers individuals and businesses with easily accessible carbon offsets. Allow your customers to offset the carbon impact of their purchases with the click of a button.

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