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Small Market, Big Strides

The voluntary carbon market is still incredibly young. Like, Bitcoin in 2011 young. The market is set to explode in size and accessibility over the coming years, having only reached a market size of $1 billion in 2022. That’s up from only $300 million in 2018 — big strides in a short time.

Everyone has taken note of this trend. The EU recently proposed reforms in the carbon market to limit price spikes. The price of carbon increased over 150% in 2021, highlighting the blockbuster (and growing) demand. It seems everyone would like a bit more order in the order flow.

This demand explosion is a no-brainer based on recent data. A whopping 88% of PEW survey respondents cite climate change as a significant issue for their lifetimes. Those at the top share that sentiment. A World Economic Forum survey revealed that climate-related issues occupy every top-five spot for global risks that concern world leaders for the five to ten-year timeframe.

From your average Joe to your C-suite executive, everyone has begun to feel the heat.

Pledging to go carbon neutral in 30+ years is nice, but we need to take climate action today. Sustainable technologies are a great start, but they’re still a long way off from replacing our current global economic configuration. The voluntary carbon credit market is our best bet for cooling down the planet now rather than later.

That’s why we’re building EcoCREDIT.

We’re taking the best aspects of today’s carbon credit market and combining them with the efficiencies derived from blockchain technology. By interpolating the best of both worlds, EcoCREDIT achieves settlement times over 80,000% faster when compared to today’s carbon credit market.

Nope — that’s not a typo.

You can check out a demo of the EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon credit process below. We’re working diligently each day to further optimize the scope, flow, and efficiency of EcoCREDIT.

Revolutionizing a nascent industry takes time, but we’re delighted to report that we’re pushing on all fronts and making fantastic progress being the scene. We’ll soon be releasing a sneak peek of Ecolands, the first franchised application using EcoCREDIT tokenized carbon credits. Expect big things and perks for being early to the party.

These developments are only the beginning. We’re in the infancy of the carbon credit market and EcoCREDIT. As we scale, we fully intend for the Eco brand to become the de facto name in the global carbon credit marketplace. Make sure to follow our socials to stay on top of the latest and greatest updates!

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Eco empowers individuals and businesses with easily accessible carbon offsets. Allow your customers to offset the carbon impact of their purchases with the click of a button.

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