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A decade from now, 2020 will be the year that West Vancouver-based hyperrealist artist Ann Goldberg remembers as the year she launched an exhibition during a pandemic. Booked well in advance, the mouthwatering pieces for Cake: A Modern Marie Antoinette were well on their way to being created, and no roadblocks were going to stop this professional artist.

White Cupcake in Sidney, Oil on Canvas, 24×36, 2019

Showing at the Pendulum Gallery, HSBC

While the Cake exhibition debuted during the pandemic at the Pendulum Gallery, Goldberg was not about to let this delicious exhibit be ignored. “I wasn’t sure the exhibition would happen as I watched the COVID-19 numbers rise, but the gallery curator Chris Keatley assured me we would find a way to make it happen.”

Ultimately, the exhibition space worked exceptionally well during the pandemic, with the gallery’s large open space viewable to the public 24-hours a day. Visitors were able to mask-up, enter, and enjoy the space comfortably and then cross West Georgia to the historic and prestigious Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe for a late lunch.

Ann ensuring the safe delivery of the incredible Ms Antoinette!
Ann assessing the dynamics of the Pendulum Gallery space / Pink Flamingos, Oil on Canvas, 40×60, 2019

Ann Goldberg: An Artist for All Seasons

Ann is a career artist who is professionally represented by Calgary’s Gibson Art Gallery. Her focus lies entirely on finding the most striking version of everyday objects around her, especially observing and translating the importance of light on the focused item.

She practices hyperrealism by taking hundreds of high-resolution digital photographs, then edits and selects the best for aspects like vivid colours or a particularly striking beam of light. The final oil painting becomes so bolder than real life, or “a handmade reproduction of something that has been reproduced mechanically,” she explains.

White Peonies, Oil on Canvas, 48×48, 2020
Bouquet of Ranunculus, Oil on Canvas, 48×48, 2020

The Making of Cake: A Modern Marie Antoinette

Goldberg’s artistic style is influenced by her educational background. Before committing to art full-time, she achieved a degree in mathematics and fine arts and then studied and practiced as an architect in Vancouver for ten years. From these precision-focused disciplines comes an artistic exactness that captures qualities that might otherwise be brushed aside with a single stroke.

A Centrepiece of Floral Perfection

Ms Antoinette, Oil on Canvas, 48×72, 2019

At the centre of this exhibition is a marvellous interpretation of Marie Antoinette, which took six months to complete. A commissioned piece, the portrait is presented in the Dutch Baroque style and is lush with blooms, from wildflowers to ornamental cabbage, butterflies that flutter about the skirting, and a modern-day Marie at the centre complete with long flowing highlighted locks, lipstick, and manicured nails.

An International Bio

Ann in front of Pearls ii, Oil on Paper, 12×12, 2019

Ann served on the board of Arts Umbrella for 5 years. She taught art and architecture at Arts Umbrella and was the artist in residence at West Point Grey Academy.

Ann’s work has been exhibited in over a dozen solo and group shows. Notably, Ann worked with the Bruce Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles and was seen as part of their presence at the Art Hamptons Fair in New York. Ann was also featured in the Photorealism group show in Zaragoza, Spain associated with the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona.

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