How Keywebco, My Small Business, Survives Online — Value.

First off I will start with what probably should be placed at the end of this story.

My Story

Use every tool, trick and idea you can learn. Sounds Easy? If it’s easy it’s probably only a tiny bit good, maybe. The trick is don’t just jump in and start.

One of the biggest challenges a small business owner faces is keeping up with big businesses. These larger companies — with their big marketing budgets and bulk purchasing power — can easily overshadow small businesses, both physically and in the digital world. While it may seem like you’re fighting an uphill battle, there are plenty of advantages that small businesses have over their larger competitors.

When you own a small business, you don’t always have the budget to spend on the non-essentials. But many are free.

  1. Plan it into your Business Plan.
  2. Carry through, results take time.
  3. Never take the short cut
  4. Think 🤔 about today tomorrow, next week, month, year, and beyond.
  5. This is the big one. After you add everything like social media, marketing, tools, sites, and apply what you learned to your business and you’ve added it all. Guess what, your ready to start. What?? Yes this is the trick. Create new ways to combine or change what is available to everyone, Tools etc…, into new methods or different visuals or designs anything that makes it better! Then do that again always adding value to your sites and buyers.
  6. Offer value in every way, not just pricing.

Be visible and real, 7 days of just video marketing Facebook Live

I offer all the below items free on my various sites.

After looking at them you will see what I mean about offering everything.

First I will start with the free Apps Keywebco offers

SoldsNetwork is a free app for all the members of the 6 Facebook Marketing Groups Operated by Keywebco

eBay Fans App is for everyone how uses eBay. It puts everything eBay all in one spot, not just Shopping.

Keywebco “home” App is to put easy access to the different things we are doing.

Keywebco eBay store App made for easy shopping.

These are the 4 igenapps made by Keywebco

Next is one of my favorite things, Free Micro-Sites

This is one designed to renew every 24 hours and provide everything a you could want to look at Daily.

Shopping by Department, very similar to my eBay Store App.

All 4 if my Apps In One Site For convenient access.

Keywebco Full Directory

SoldsNetwork welcome kit also similar to our App

Keywebco Facebook Directory

eCom Tips Publication mini site for easy access.

I have many more microsites I make for fun content like…

Just a fun little “content” type site.

Consider These Things

Whenever you’re trying to attract new customers, you have to give them a really good reason to choose your business over your competitors.

If you’re struggling to get people through the door, make sure you’re projecting the right image. Does your store front, website or branding need a revamp? Is your packaging too fussy or too bland? Does your brand match your products? Does your corporate look convey the right expectations, like good value, quality, trustworthiness, professionalism, reliability? Customers often judge on image, so pay attention to the messages you convey through your brand.

Could you simply lower your prices to undercut your competitor? You’ll probably manage to steal a few of their customers and boost your sales in the short term. However, you need to think about this carefully: what would you do if your competitor simply undercut you in return? Could you survive vanishing profit margins in a race to the bottom? Would you be destroying the perceived value of your product or service by making it too cheap? Think about all of the consequences of slashing your prices.

Could you throw in free home delivery, a longer warranty, a no-quibble returns policy, a free gift or a voucher? What about easier payment options like mobile payment? You need to give your competitors’ customers a reason to switch their allegiance, and free extras are a great, visible way to make your business stand out without changing your products or prices.

Customer service is so important, with many people saying they’d pay extra for it. Treating your existing customers well, dealing with enquiries and complaints efficiently, and making their experience an enjoyable one, is an excellent strategy for customer retention. It can also be surprisingly effective in attracting your competitors’ customers. If you go that extra mile to make your customers feel special, they’ll tell their friends, family and even mention you on social media. When a new customer does walk through your door for the first time, make it an easy and enjoyable experience for them — and they may well choose to stay. This is perhaps the most important way your business can stand out from the larger competition. As a small business owner, you have the ability to develop a deeper, stronger, more personal relationship with your customers. Customer service has just as much value as any product or service you offer. Customers appreciate and pursue relationships and experiences, not just end results. If your customers know you provide a relationship they can’t get at that big business, they’ll come to you first — even if it costs them a little extra.

For small businesses, with their a smaller staff and less formal processes in place, is often it much easier to innovate than it is for a larger business with a corporate structure. Yes, larger companies may have the budget to try a new platform or build a mobile app, but time is of the essence.

Being a big business doesn’t necessarily mean being seen as big. There are many large corporations out there that have a mediocre presence across the nation. There are also many small businesses out there that have a big name in their community. Being a small business that has a well-earned reputation in your surrounding area, and that receives daily praise, in person by its customers can be much more rewarding than a larger business that may not enjoy such benefits.

One of the great benefits of being a small business owner is the closer connection you have with your target audience. Consumers like businesses that engage with them, such as on social media, but it’s extra meaningful when the owner of the company is the one writing blog posts, responding to reviews, or commenting back on social media posts.

Also, by engaging with your target audience directly, you can discover new needs and services they are looking for much faster than a big business can.

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Your small business might not have the bandwidth for massive new ideas, but it does have the advantage of executing and iterating quickly — which is the key to getting the results you want. With less red tape to cut through and a more centralized location to brainstorm, plan, and execute, your small business can actually use innovation for its competitive edge over big businesses.

Roger Keyserling

Podcast Narration