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Convert Your Crypto with the Secure Wallet!

The ECOMI Secure Wallet is quickly becoming one of the most robust cold storage solutions available. With support for close to 700 tokens in a device that never has to leave your pocket, cold storage has never been easier to understand and to use on a daily basis. Now, with the coming ECOMI app update, you’ll be able to convert your crypto within the app itself, swapping between currencies in the blink of an eye, and cutting out the onerous task of sending to and from exchanges.

Changelly- the Fastest Way to Convert Your Crypto!

The ECOMI dev team have once again been hard at work, integrating an in-built conversion/exchange function, powered by Changelly. From within the ECOMI app, you’ll be able to select which tokens to exchange, which wallets you want them sent to, and securely confirm the transaction using the big red button on the Secure Wallet.

Key Features Thanks to Changelly

With an incredibly simple interface, ECOMI and Changelly now allow you to:

  • Exchange more than 100 cryptocurrencies in-app
  • Exchange your tokens at real market rates
  • Keep your tokens secure in offline cold storage at all times

How Does It Work?

In order to exchange your tokens, you simply choose which currency you wish to change from and to. Changelly then finds the best rate available, tells you the fee for the transaction, and in a matter of minutes (seconds in most cases) your cryptocurrency is converted and re-appears as the new token in your ECOMI app.

Take Me Through It

Once the app update has been released (it’s expected to go live in the next week or so), your ECOMI app home screen will feature a ‘convert’ option above your balances:

Start by tapping convert, and you’ll see the image below (left). From this screen, you can choose which currency you would like to convert from. This will be dictated by the capabilities of Changelly, as well as the tokens you actually hold on your Secure Wallet. To change this token, simply tap the Bitcoin token image.

As you can see in this example, we have the option to convert from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin (image below center). For the sake of the example, if you select to convert from Bitcoin, you are given a myriad of tokens to convert to (image below right). Simply scroll through the tokens and select the one you wish to receive in exchange for your Bitcoin.

The intuitive design of the ECOMI app makes converting easy to understand

Once you have selected which token to convert, you will need to select which wallet address to take them from. To do this, simply tap the ‘please select an address…’ area. This will present you with your available wallet addresses and balances, which are pulled directly from the ECOMI app and Secure Wallet.

Once you have selected the from token address (image below left) simply do the same for the to section, and you can visually confirm with the wallet address and balance (image below center). If converting to a token you do not currently hold, you may need to add that token before converting. Follow these instructions for how to add new tokens.

If you only have one account per token you will only be presented with one. However, if you have numerous accounts for the same token (remember you can hold up to 5 per token on the Secure Wallet) you will have the option to select the one you wish.
Once you have selected both addresses your screen will look similar to the image below (right):

You can convert your tokens directly from your cold storage wallet addresses!

Decide how much you want to convert, tap the area at the bottom of the screen, and enter the amount. Changelly will give you the conversion rate, as well as the estimated fee for the transaction. As we can see in the example below (left), at the time of writing 1 BTC would be converted to 66.6 LTC.

If you are happy with this transaction, hit ‘next’ and you will be taken to a confirmation screen (below center). Here you can confirm your accounts, addresses and the amount to be converted. If you are happy with the details, hit confirm and the ECOMI app will begin looking for the Secure Wallet.

Remember, you must have the Secure Wallet with you and in range to make these transactions. One of the key security features of the Secure Wallet is the need to physically confirm any transaction leaving the card- in this case, Bitcoin- before it can be signed by your private key and approved.

Once your Secure Wallet is on, the ECOMI app will prompt you to confirm the transaction by pressing the red button. It will then prompt you to press the button again to approve it. Once you have completed these steps, the conversion will take place, and your new crypto will arrive in the wallet you designated within a matter of minutes.

The process is actually incredibly intuitive and can be completed in less than a minute (provided you know what you want to convert to or from). Not only is it simple to use, but your tokens also remain in and are returned to cold storage, keeping them as secure as possible throughout the process.

What Else Is Changing in the ECOMI App?

In an effort to continue to make the Secure Wallet and ECOMI app the most versatile cold storage solution, this app update will also allow you to change your default currency.

As it stands, balances have only been displayed in USD. However, you will soon be able to change that display to your native currency, or the currency of your choice. To toggle between these, simply hit the settings icon, indicated by the red arrow in the image below (left).

Then, tap ‘default currency’ as highlighted by the red circle in the image below. You will then be presented by the list of supported currencies and can select the option that best suits your needs. The balances on your home screen will now be displayed in the currency you choose.


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