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ECOMI Monthly Update- Sep 2022

The VeVe Fam was out in force in September, joining us for the first appearance of the team at DesignerCon UK before we rolled into another huge month of appearances, app updates, and exclusive digital collectible releases.

The crypto-education resources also continued thanks to our partnership with Collective Shift, and we have enabled the first stage of our metadata link with Immutable X, so that you can view your collectible, comic, and artwork NFT metadata live and on-chain!

DesignerCon UK

September kicked off with an absolutely incredible meet-up and event at DesignerCon UK, and a huge thanks and shoutout goes to everyone who came out to the event, it was truly one for the memory bank.

Across the weekend we released a tonne of Con-exclusive collectibles from some of the biggest artists and designers in the space, including the first appearances of Hueman, TNES, Soey Milk, HypeBao, and Ilse Valfré.

If you missed any of these drops across the weekend you’ll find some still available in the VeVe Store, and of course, you can always complete your sets in the VeVe Market.

On top of a weekend of collectible drops, 100 lucky attendees also took home an exclusive VeVe shirt and NFT combo in collaboration with Jermaine Rogers, and an even luckier few took home the coveted VeVe gold and silver logo collectible (although you had to do something pretty exceptional to receive one)!

Image Credits: @WazzaVerse + @CaptainVEVE

The FA live AMA also took place as the VeVe fam took over the conference room to chat with the team, and we were truly blessed on Sunday as we jumped into a conversation with world-renowned British Artist and paradoxical wordsmith Patrick Hughes.

Big thank you to both Patrick and V-tail for joining us on the day and of course, for the signing opportunities afterward- we look forward to bringing you more of Patrick’s work in the future!

Image Credits: @SamEllisNFT

Of course, it wouldn’t be a VeVe Fam event without a little party, and London Dcon was no different as we took over the Fox Excel for a night of music, dancing, and all-around celebrations. A huge shoutout goes to everyone in the Fam who joined us throughout the weekend, and to DJ ED for keeping us moving all night long. We’re already planning bigger and better events for next year and look forward to meeting more of you on our next lap around the sun!

Don’t forget! You can join us at DesignerCon Anaheim in November! More info here.

ECOMI x Epiko Regal

Plenty of Dcon UK attendees also collected an exclusive NFT of VeVe and ECOMI CEO David Yu, available in 3 variations; an in-game collectible card, the color version with his diamond-handed superpowers and OMI headband, and of course the even more limited-edition solid gold version.

If you missed out each piece can be collected on Epiko Marketplace using layer 1 OMI tokens, and each purchase contributes to the Epiko Regal prize pool, which can be won through gameplay.

If you haven’t played EPIKO Regal yet you can download it on Android and iOS today to defend your towers, battle other players, and build your strongest deck in order to prepare for the next EPIKO tournament.

While you’re there be sure to follow the team on socials to stay up to date and check out the Epiko Market to pick up a range of fun NFTs using OMI tokens. If you want to get your hands on a David Yu NFT you can do so now in the Epiko Marketplace, or check out this article for more info.

ECOMI x Collective Shift

A big thank you to everyone who joined us at a range of events in September as we continued to roll out educational resources and introduce you to the Collective Shift team. If you haven’t seen it yet, Collective Shift is a premium research and education platform helping you to understand the digital asset industry, implement safe and sustainable investment strategies, and above all save you the time and effort it takes to sift through the noise and figure out how to find a quality project in crypto.

In September we ran two intro to crypto events, beginning with an ECOMI twitter space to introduce the Collective Shift CEO Ben Simpson and followed up with a webinar to discuss the basics of crypto, portfolio strategies, investment thesis, the opportunities at hand, and the future of the industry. Big thanks to Johnny Dunn for recording and sharing the Twittier space!

Collective Shift offers a whole range of FREE research and resources on their website, and a few membership tiers depending on the depth and breadth of information you’re looking for.

If you do choose to join the platform be sure to enter the code ECOMI when joining to receive 50% off your first membership payment and you’ll also contribute to burning OMI tokens from the circulating supply 🔥

OMI is now listed on Bitcove

OMI is now available on Bitcove, an Irish exchange/brokerage that has been servicing European clients since 2014. Whilst this is not a sanctioned listing (as in, it was not initiated by ECOMI), we have spoken to the Bitcove team to supply the details.

Bitcove is a non-custodial platform and allows the purchase of OMI tokens using Euros. The exchange performs the necessary token conversions for you (EUR > USDT> OMI) and then sends the OMI to your personal wallet address- which you will provide upon order creation.

This means that users can directly purchase OMI via bank transfer (as you create a purchase order) and may be a good choice for individuals who aren’t yet comfortable with using centralized/decentralized exchanges, or simply wish to make a purchase and receive their funds to an address where they can be stored. You can learn more about the terms and conditions of using Bitcove here.

Bitcove joins and Bit2Me as the third exchange servicing European customers and offering OMI token purchases.

Note: At the time of writing allows OMI purchases, but not withdrawals. In addition, we have not personally used the Bitcove exchange- please do your own due diligence before making any financial transactions.

Interviews, Updates, and AMAs

The team was out in force in September, jumping into a range of community conversations, interviews, and AMAs in our ongoing efforts to raise awareness of VeVe and OMI, and take part in all of the fun and events that take place every single week.

We kicked off the month with VeVe co-founder Dan joining Paul Barron’s Techpath to discuss the growth of the VeVe ecosystem and the carbon neutrality of our NFTs, the recent launch of the VeVe artworks program, future product roadmap, and more. If you missed it catch up below and be sure to subscribe to Paul’s channel to show your support.

Rhys was particularly easy to find in September, making his first appearance with the French and German VeVe communities for some AMA fun. If you missed either one you can find them below, subscribe to their channels to connect with the Fam, and enjoy one of the best AMA intros we’ve seen to date!

Big thanks go out to Women X VeVe for inviting Rhys and Noah to join their Discord takeover in the VeVe voice chat!

If this is the first you’re hearing of the WomenXVeVe you can drop in and say hello in their dedicated channel in the VeVe discord server. The channel is open to everyone, however, is aimed at making it as easy as possible for women in web3 to find and connect with each other in a safe space online. Keep an eye out for future events and conversations, and of course, follow them on socials so you don’t miss the next event!

The VeVe co-founders also jumped into another update video at the end of the month, covering all the latest developments and community questions. Catch the whole update below or use the timestamps in the video description to jump to some of the key sections of the conversation.

We were also recently invited to join the world's largest and most popular NFT podcast- Edge of NFT. Big thanks go to the team for the conversation, and for their tireless work in bringing NFTs and digital assets to the masses. If you missed the podcast episode you can listen here!

VeVe Updates

Info about your VeVe digital collectibles, artworks, and digital comic NFTs is now viewable on the Immutable X blockchain explorer.

Although VeVe utilizes Immutable X’s technology to mint NFTs, it is also a standalone platform, and up until recently the only place to view metadata for VeVe NFTs was within the VeVe app. Now, however, VeVe collectors can also view their collectible information on the IMX explorer, Immutascan, and any similar products that can access the IMX API.

Through the Web Wallet, users can also retrieve their OMI wallet address and search them on Immutascan to view the contents of their VeVe wallets, including the collectible types, editions, images, brand information, and more. This also allows users to link a VeVe NFT token ID (viewable on the IMX blockchain explorer) to specific collectibles and comics within the platform.

Promo codes give VeVe collectors a way to redeem special or limited edition NFTs on the platform and are typically used for onboarding new users or special giveaways. Access to the promo code feature has now been moved exclusively to the VeVe web app and is no longer available in the mobile app.

If you’ve never used the web app before you can log in using the same credentials you use on the mobile app, and enjoy all of the benefits of using VeVe on a big screen. You can also purchase Gems through the web app, and the web app is the only place you can participate in VeVe Artwork auctions so log in and check it out today if you haven’t yet!

VEVE Drops

It seems the list of VeVe drops get’s longer every month, so we try to share some of the first appearances and standout releases that you may have missed. As always you can check out all of the drops on the VeVe blog, and subscribe to be among the first to see what’s coming next!

As many of you know, we recently launched the VeVe artworks program, and have since rolled out some of the most incredible artist proofs from Marvel artists, alongside exclusive 1/1 pieces from some of our world-renowned artist partners.

Notable Marvel Artist Proofs that were released in September include:

Note: Participating in VeVe collectible drops — including Artworks — requires mandatory KYC. If you haven’t completed your KYC, it only takes a few minutes to become verified. You can find the details here.

Gary Baseman is known for his broad art practice that includes award-winning illustration and animation (Emmy and BAFTA-award-winning Teacher’s Pet), fine art, performance, toy design, and fashion. Baseman coined the term “Pervasive Art” in the early 2000s and states, “Art can be appropriate in almost any medium, from print to TV to film to paintings to consumer products, as long as you stay true to your aesthetic and have a strong sense of meaning.”

In September Gary released an exclusive 1/1 piece- I Will Always Believe Your Lies- featuring Toby, his iconic character, that is often featured in Baseman’s fine art, photography, video, performance, advertising, fashion, and toy design. Known as everyone’s “best friend” and “keeper of secrets,” Toby is an all-knowing and compassionate cat with a great sense of curiosity and adventure.

“I am excited to offer this art piece. This will be my first painting created into a digital collectible, and I am proud to do it with VeVe…

This painting celebrates the birth of Toby as the Keeper of Our Secrets, who loves everyone unconditionally. No matter how harsh the world can be, how dishonest we are even with ourselves, we will always have Toby’s love.”
— Gary Baseman

As a bonus, the winner of the silent auction also receives a 1/1 signed print (shipped anywhere in the world) and the opportunity to bring up to 3 friends for lunch with Gary and VeVe CEO David Yu in or around Los Angeles during DesignerCon Anaheim weekend, Nov. 2022.

You can also learn more about Gary and his history as an artist in this video thanks to VeVein3

Trekkies had their prayers answered in early September as we celebrated Star Trek Day with the release of the Romulan D’deridex Warbird in series 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation Starships. The largest and most powerful of Romulan spacecraft, first detected in late 2364 by the Federation in the first Romulan meeting in 53 years.

If you missed this drop you can still collect yours in the VeVe store, and of course, be sure to drop it into augmented reality and share it with the VeVe Fam!

One of the most prestigious and sought-after collections on the VeVe app- the Disney Golden Moments Collection- came to an incredible conclusion in September, as we celebrated Disney+ Day 12 months on from the original Golden Moment's release.

On offer was the Magic Lamp from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Aladdin, and this signature symbol of dreams and wishes was made even more enchanting with an animated effect that granted the original purchaser 2 special wishes from VeVe!

Wish 1 unlocked the Golden Disney ‘D’ logo NFT for the original Magic Lamp from Aladdin purchaser. This Disney D represents an iconic piece of The Walt Disney Company’s history because it’s modeled off Walt Disney’s own handwriting, and was airdropped to holders of the lamp.

Wish 2 included a promo code providing a reservation to purchase The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey NFT, which was subsequently released in the same month.

Released in 1940, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Fantasia is a ground-breaking triumph that blends music and animation into whimsical stories and adventures. For this series, we celebrated one of our favorites from the film: Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey!

In The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, we follow Mickey Mouse as he discovers magical powers while apprenticing for a Sorcerer named Yen Sid. Mickey soon realizes that making magic is harder than it looks! Details of the release can be found below, and if you missed it you can complete your sets in the VeVe Market!

The exclusive Disneyland® Paris 30th Anniversary NFT Collection celebrates three decades of magical memories that are still shining bright for adoring fans all over the world.

The Art of Disneyland® Paris Series is a unique NFT series featuring five original digital collectible artworks which capture the magic and attention to design that make Disneyland® Paris shine brighter in the memories they helped to magically make.

Whether flying through the galaxy, gliding over the snowy terrain of the ice planet Hoth, or speeding across the desert on Tatooine, the vehicles of Star Wars are as varied and iconic as the characters themselves. This new series release on VeVe showcases an assortment of vehicles from a galaxy far far away, and are sure to be an exciting addition to your VeVe NFT collection!

Series 1 made its debut with Darth Vader’s personal TIE fighter, first seen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. This was released alongside Scythe- whose sleek exterior marries with the dark and harsh angles of the vehicle to echo the look of the Inquisitors and is meant to instantly strike fear into the hearts of any who would harbor Jedi fugitives.

The Star Wars™ Vehicles Collection will also feature items from Obi-Wan Kenobi, the all-new D+ event now streaming on Disney+, so stay tuned for more!

The First Ever #VeVeRumble!

The VeVe Rumble went live in September, giving Collectors a chance to win a range of awesome prizes for creating the best fight scene using their VeVe collectibles. The rules were simple,

  1. Create an epic fight scene using 3 or more collectibles (entries could be a video or static image)
  2. Create your scene in AR or in a Showroom environment, and punters could add music or combine multiple screen recordings to create the best scenes
  3. To keep all entries fair, no special effects (i.e. After Effects) or non-VeVe collectibles were allowed.
  4. Participants could enter by creating a Twitter or Instagram Post and using the hashtag #VeVeRumble + tagging @veve_official in the caption.

From that point on- it was up to the Fam to vote on the entries and select our finalists before CEO David Yu was tasked with selecting a winner!

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated and voted in the event. Regardless of whether you won a prize or not, we hope that everyone had fun creating these scenes and enjoyed all of the amazing utilities on offer with your VeVe NFTs 😺

If you missed the rumble you can check out all of the details and entries on the VeVe giveaways page, and if you haven’t yet be sure to follow VeVe on socials so you don’t miss the next event!


Information on this channel is for educational purposes only. It should not be considered financial advice and all users are advised to do their own research. See disclaimer.

ECOMI is a technology company based in Singapore and is leading the way in the emerging digital collectibles space. ECOMI offers a one-stop shop for digital collectibles through the VeVe app bringing pop culture and entertainment into the 21st century.

The VeVe app allows users to experience true ownership of premium digital collectibles. Through the app marketplace, users can obtain common, rare, or one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, share these across the social network service, and exchange them with the VeVe community, all from the palm of their hand.

ECOMI sees digital collectibles as a new asset class that offers intellectual property owners the opportunity for new revenue streams in the digital landscape. Digital streaming, gaming, and in-app purchasing have become a multibillion-dollar market, and the next to join this digital trend is the pop culture and collectibles industry.

Or, for more information please join the community on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook.



ECOMI’s mission is to create the world’s best platform to purchase, trade and collect premium licensed digital collectibles.

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