ECOMI Monthly Update- Sep 2023

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9 min readOct 12, 2023


OMI token integrations continue in the VeVe web app, giving collectors more insight into MCP Points earned from their token deposits. VeVe continues to move from strength to strength, announcing a phygital partnership with Marvel and Funko and the recent release of a new crafting mechanism. We also have some huge celebrations and new product verticals planned for New York Comic Con in October, and we hope to see you all there!

OMI Updates

After the introduction of OMI Reward Tiers Season Zero in August, two new app updates have improved the experience to make it easier for users to understand and access the OMI token and its benefits in the VeVe app.

1. You can now see/view the number of MCP Points you earn daily from your OMI deposit. To do so, log into the OMI Web Wallet, and you will see the points breakdown, which you can then compare to your overall Points earned (found in the profile section of the VeVe app).

2. Your OMI token balance is now viewable within the VeVe web app. Log in, then open settings > wallet to view your balances. You can also click through to access the OMI Web Wallet from the VeVe Web App.

How to Deposit Your OMI to the Web Wallet

If you missed it, walkthrough instructions are available in the OMI token portal to take you through the setup and deposit process, should you wish to take advantage of OMI Reward Tier Season Zero.

While there is a small crypto learning curve to deposit your OMI tokens to the web wallet, Ethereum gas prices are exceptionally low (at the time of writing), so there has never been a better time to make a move!

Depositing is relatively straightforward, provided you already have and know how to use a MetaMask wallet. If not, we walk you through each step in the token portal to take you from zero to hero in no time.

Instructions include video walkthrough guides, so if you haven’t seen them yet, please head to the OMI token portal to get started or jump to the step you need below:

VeVe x Funko

In one of the largest partnership announcements to date, Funko, Inc., the leading pop culture lifestyle brand, and VeVe have announced a new collaboration with Marvel that merges the realms of physical and digital collecting.

Releasing on October 18, 2023, the collection features Marvel’s Iron Man as a towering 18” comic-inspired Funko Gold physical figure with a matching digital collectible figure available on the VeVe platform included with every purchase.

This first-of-its-kind phygital release is limited to 3,000 pieces, each costing $150. It features multiple color variants celebrating 60 years of the character’s rich comic book history, including the classic red and gold color scheme.

“Our approach to collectibles is centered on creating new ways for fans to show off their most treasured IPs…Being able to be a part of Marvel’s celebration of Iron Man through this collaboration with VeVe is the perfect way to show Funko’s commitment to collectability and ability to bring fandoms to fans in all forms.”

— Steve Nave, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

The Feeshes Series 1 (Promo Code)

We first introduced you to the Feeshes in 2022 by introducing OMI token utility in the Feesh arena. Now, holders of Feesh NFTs have been rewarded with a 3D interactive collectible on VeVe.

Celebrating the work of four incredible artists, owners of a web3 Feesh can reveal their Feesh DNA (redemption code), which can then be used to claim their 3D digital collectible on VeVe.

In an unprecedented move, the project's founder also gave editions #39 and #40 of each Feesh to some lucky community members. As a bonus, any VeVe collectors holding a complete set of four Feesh by November 22, 2023, will receive a special airdrop on the platform- one of two animated Feesh Tanks!

Complete your sets now in the VeVe Market or visit to purchase a web3 Feesh NFT and reveal the redemption code yourself 🐠

While you’re at it, be sure to follow and support the artists behind each Feesh design, join the FeeshCord, or listen to the recent X space to learn more about the project and its community!

VeVe Drops

Pink Panther 60th Anniversary — Series 1

2024 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Pink Panther franchise. To celebrate, VeVe released the first ever 3D digital collectible NFTs of the Pink Panther, complete with hat, cane, and Henry Mancini’s iconic “Pink Panther Theme.”

Two additional variants were also released the static Pink Chrome and Gold versions. If you missed the drop, you can complete your set in the VeVe Market or learn more in our collectible breakdown video!

Star Wars™ Vehicles Series 4 — Darth Vader’s Shuttle

Whether flying through the galaxy, gliding over the snowy terrain of the ice planet Hoth, or speeding across the Tatooine desert, Star Wars vehicles are as varied and iconic as the characters themselves.

‍The Lambda-class T-4a is an integral, multi-purpose transport in the Imperial Starfleet. Darth Vader’s personal shuttle has three wings: a stationary center foil and two articulated flanking wings. This 3D animated collectible also simulates its detailed lift-off and landing sequence and is available now on VeVe!

Disney Aladdin “Diamond in the Rough” Character Series

Some of the most iconic Disney films of all time have been dropping on VeVe over the past few months, culminating with Disney’s Aladdin.

Collectors who secured any piece in the series- the Genie (animated and interactive), Princess Jasmine, or everybody’s favorite street rat, Aladdin, also received the final pencil airdrop required to craft the Disney Animation Desk.

If you missed any of these drops, you can collect all five different Walt Disney Animation Studio Pencils in the VeVe Market to craft one Animation Desk. You will have until 12/31/2023 to acquire all (5) pencils and qualify to craft the Animation Desk. All five Pencils will be burned in the crafting process.

Learn more:

Ron English- Mogul Grin Series 1

Mogul Grin is everyone’s favorite billionaire. All he wants is everything. Too much is not enough. When he points and grins at you, well, you know what to do. Maybe he will make you rich, too…

These are the first three collectibles in a larger Mogul Grin collection. As a bonus, any collectors who purchased any one of the Mogul Grin Series 1 collectibles via blind box also received an invite to the VeVe party celebrating NYCC on 12 October in New York City!

VeVe x New York Comic-Con

Ready to celebrate the world of pop culture and collectibles? We are! VeVe will return to New York Comic-Con in October, exhibiting alongside Marvel and introducing some brand-new VeVe product verticals!

If you can’t make it to New York, you can still get your hands on some Con-exclusives by participating in VeVe’s digital collectible drops from home.

Throughout the weekend, we’ll also be celebrating:

VeVe Crafting: New Feature

VeVe road tested a new crafting mechanism in September with Sesame Street — Gold Series 1. This allows holders of the Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch collectibles to craft a special secret rare gold version without burning the original collectible.

Collectors will be able to craft one gold Secret Rare collectible for each Rare collectible that they hold. Crafting is available until 17 November 2023 at 8 AM PT or until the collectibles have been fully allocated.

Update: Orbis Technology Limited

Orbis- the parent company responsible for the VeVe app- has recently undergone a small name change to reflect the growing suite of products in the ecosystem.

This move was made clearer with the recent announcement of VeVe’s first physical comic books, and the company will be referred to as Orbis Technology Limited from here on in.

Around the Grounds

We are always in awe of the content created by the ECOMI and VeVe communities, and we want to share some recent highlights with you all.

Kicking things off, Steve from Steve Teaches Crypto has been tirelessly educating the masses on the potential of crypto and NFTs and how they are poised to reshape the way we interact with brands and products in the future. If you don’t know Steve, you can follow him on socials or find his content below to learn more.

You can also find some incredible blog content thanks to the one and only DoubleQuill, who brings a light tone and unique humor to the VeVe collectibles experience.

Bookmark this thread to keep up with them, or visit their blog for the complete Adventures in VeVe Series.

MetaverseLyfe continues to introduce you to more of the #VeVeFam in Collectors at Heart- the Series, bringing you the collective stories behind some of the community's most prolific collectors and personalities.

If you missed any, you can find them on YouTube or follow him on X for the latest episode releases.

Information on this channel is for educational purposes only. It should not be considered financial advice; all users are advised to do their research. See disclaimer.


ECOMI is the issuer of the OMI token. The OMI token is intended for use in the VeVe digital collectibles ecosystem. With over 8 million digital collectible NFTs sold since the beginning of 2021 and a range of international brands, artists, and IP partners releasing content through the platform, VeVe is the world’s leading digital collectible platform.

The OMI token is intended to amplify the collecting experience and, when available, will provide VeVe collectors with a range of unique ways to build and expand their digital collections.

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