How To Bridge Your OMI Tokens

The IMX bridge is now open, allowing you to seamlessly move your OMI tokens between Layer 1 Ethereum and Immutable X Layer 2!

2 min readApr 23, 2022


The Immutable X bridge/transfer site is now live.

With it, you can:

  • Deposit OMI from Ethereum to Immutable X’s Layer 2 protocol
  • Then, send your OMI to the OMI Web Wallet for storage, or to take advantage of the utilities and perks on offer in the the VeVe Master Collector Program.
  • Withdraw OMI from your web wallet to Ethereum (Layer 1) to store in cold wallets or transact on exchanges.

For the most recent instructions and walkthroughs, please see the following guides available in the OMI token portal:

  1. Depositing OMI to the Web Wallet
  2. How to Withdraw Your OMI From VeVe

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ECOMI is the issuer of the OMI token. The OMI token is intended for use in the VeVe digital collectibles ecosystem. With more than 8 million digital collectible NFTs sold since the beginning of 2021, and a range of international brands, artists, and IP partners releasing content through the platform, VeVe is the world’s leading digital collectible platform.

The OMI token is intended to amplify the collecting experience and, when available, will provide VeVe collectors with a range of unique ways to build and expand their digital collections.

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