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If You Build It, They Will Come

It’s safe to say that February will go down as one of the most exciting months in VeVe’s short history. The app has only been live for two months, and although we’re still in beta, February saw some absolutely mind-blowing adoption, as well as the rapid expansion of the ECOMI family!

The ECOMI Fam is Growing

Before we dive into a review of the past four weeks, we want to extend our warmest and sincerest welcome to everyone that has joined the ECOMI community recently, the VeVe platform has truly come to life, and so far it has been everything we could have hoped for.

In the past 4 weeks, we have welcomed:

  • 5k plus new members to our Telegram community, posting an average of 2016 messages PER DAY, and a total of 62, 499 messages this month.
    No wonder ecomi_rhys is tired!
  • More than 6000 new followers on Twitter, with over 1.5 million impressions and almost 240,000 profile visits.

VeVe Adoption and Digital Collectibles

The adoption of VeVe has been even more astonishing. Having only been available for 2 months, we are absolutely blown away to share that there are now more than 11,000 users in the app. So far, this figure has been doubling almost weekly.

This huge uptick in adoption has also led to the sale of thousands of premium licensed digital collectibles!

So far the largest purchase we have seen in the Market is for 2,888.98 Gems for the Secret Rare Toy Tokyo drop- the gold ‘Mooglie’, which sold out within 20 minutes 💎

The second highest was 2000 Gems for another gold Mooglie, followed closely by the ultra-rare ‘Donny’ from Cartoon Networks Powerpuff Girls for 1,999 Gems .

Almost as astonishing has been the meteoric rise of VeVe as a top-grossing entertainment app in the Google Play store. As of writing, VeVe is currently ranked:

VeVe Top Grossing App in Entertainment:

  • #10 in the UK
  • #11 in Canada, Australia and the Netherlands
  • #9 in Portugal
  • #25 in the USA

To see the full list and rankings, hit this link.

Catching the Attention of Key Players

In the past month, there have been quite a number of mentions and videos go live about ECOMI and VeVe. However, this clubhouse chat with some key influencers in the collectible world shows that we are truly catching the attention of the mainstream.

Description: Logan Paul, YouTuber, discusses the future of the creator economy, digital assets, and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) with other creators on Clubhouse App.

VeVe App Updates

The most recent version of the VeVe app saw the rollout of our brand new photo suite and editing tools! We first let you know about these in our Q1 app update article, and now in the VeVe app, you can capture and create your perfect photo!

With the new tools, you can crop, zoom, and rotate your photos. Then, adjust the look with a wide array of photo editing tools like brightness, saturation, clarity, shadows, highlights and more.

You can also add filters from a huge library of effects and even add text in a range of fonts, sizes, colors, and effects for that extra bit of POW!

With this new feature we are excited to see what amazing photos you create and look forward to seeing them, so be sure to share them on the Feed for everyone to enjoy!

VeVe photo editing tools

Digital Collectible Drops

As many of you are now aware, new collectibles drop on VeVe Thursdays, 8 am PST. Right now, however, they are dropping at 7 am due to daylight savings hours. When the app is out of beta new digital collectible drops will happen every single week, however for now they are roughly every two weeks, app dependant.

In February, there were two brand new series that dropped on VeVe, the Ghostbusters Series 1 release (Feb 4) and the first series of Harley Quinn Red Black and White (Feb 18).

The Ghostbusters drop also saw our first secret rare collectible hit the platform (unbeknown to users at that time) and was followed a week later by the exclusive gold ‘Mooglie,’ marking our first collaboration with Toy Tokyo, one of the biggest influencers in the designer toy world.

In addition, we also released a number of updates in February letting you know about our latest digital collectible offerings! If you missed any of them subscribe to the ECOMI and VeVe blogs, and can catch up here:

New License Announcement

In the past week, we also revealed another massive license and brand partner, soon to be released on VeVe- General Motors!

This announcement comes ahead of the release of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, and soon you will be able to collect your favourite vehicles from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac, as well as GM’s range of never-to-be-produced concept cars!

General Motors joins the ever-growing list of brands and licenses to join to VeVe platform and is soon to be released amongst other incredible and global fandoms, including:

  • tokidoki: Mermicorn, Donutella, Unicorn, and Cactus Friends
  • CBS: Star Trek — The Next Generation, Picard, and Discovery
  • Cartoon Network: Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, and Tuzki
  • Capcom: Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter — Iceborne, and Street Fighter
  • Warner Bros: DC Collectables, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Superman, and Batman
  • The NFLPA
  • Jurassic park
  • Back to the Future
  • Ultraman
  • Ghostbusters
  • Fast and the Furious

To see them in more colour, check out this community thread on Twitter and be sure to show them some love with a like and retweet!

In case you missed it, you’ll also be able to DRIVE your collectible vehicles around in augmented reality! Check out this tweet for a little preview!


February also saw the first collectible drop sold out on VeVe, which has been very quickly followed by a few more. As of writing, the following collectibles are officially SOLD OUT!

  • Ultra-Rare, First Edition, Batman Black and White Series 1 Eduardo Risso Batman
  • Ultra-Rare, First Appearance ‘Donny’ from Powerpuff Girls Series 2
  • Rare, First Appearance H.I.M from Powerpuff Girls Series 2
  • Common First Appearance Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls Series 2
  • Secret Rare Ghostbusters logo ‘Mooglie’- platinum version
  • Secret Rare Ghostbusters logo ‘Mooglie’- Gold Toy Tokyo exclusive version
  • Rare, First Edition, Harley Quinn Red White and Black series 1: #06 Terry Dodson Harley Quinn
  • Ultra-Rare, First Edition, Harley Quinn Red White and Black series 1: #19 Steve Pugh Harley Quinn
Steve Pugh Harley quinn red black and white

VeVe on Tour

The past four weeks have also seen an incredible push into the crypto community, as we took VeVe on tour. To all the communities who welcomed us with open arms, we would like to say another big thank you and shout out from everyone in the ECOMI team- in the space of 16 days we participated in 9 Telegram AMA’s and 3 video interviews! You can review them all here:

Video Interviews


Stay tuned for another HUGE month in March, where we’ll continue to introduce new communities to VeVe and the ECOMI ecosystem!

If you missed any of these AMA announcements, or simply want to stay up to date with all of our news and collectible releases, join our announcement channel here.

The OMI Token

First and foremost, we want to extend a big thank you to the patience and persistence of the early ECOMI community. Without all of you, VeVe would never have become the platform that it has. We truly hope that the incredible growth in adoption and use of the OMI token in the past four weeks has repaid that patience and that you have all enjoyed the past few weeks as much as we have.

At one point, the OMI token saw close to 7000% growth in 30 days! To add to that, we have also seen 1.79 Billion OMI tokens sent to the Out of Circulation Wallet, never to return!

Big thanks and shoutout to one of our legendary community members, Adam, for creating, tracking and updating all of the token movements across the VeVe platform. You can stay up to date with all the numbers by checking out his spreadsheet here!

Around the Grounds

February has also seen the first ECOMI swag/merch, and this community-created project has already led to a cult following in the unofficial traders chat. Get all your ‘Dead Inside’ swag here, and don’t be slow- we hear they’re almost as limited edition as our collectibles!

There have also been some incredible photos circulating of VeVe collectibles, as the community is letting their creativity fly in every direction. Here are some of our favourites!

Be sure to follow our Twitter, share your favourite photos and tag @ecomi_ and #VeVe for your chance to win some free digital collectibles!

What’s Next?

Boy oh boy do we have a big month planned for March!

There are two new exchanges coming online, plenty more interviews and AMA’s to come, new collectible drops and more.

Keep an eye on the ECOMI Twitter feed and in our announcement channel for the latest on that front. If you didn’t see our Q1 token update, check it out here!

We are also welcoming some new telegram moderators to help introduce our newest community members to all of our resources and will be commencing fortnightly community AMA’s too, so everyone in the ECOMI fam can have their voices heard and their opinions counted.

From all of us at ECOMI, we want to say thank you for coming on this journey with us. We couldn’t do it without you all, and look forward to truly taking hold of 2021- the year of the VeVe NFT! 🥳

Information on this channel is subjective and should not be considered financial advice and is subject to change. See disclaimer


ECOMI is a technology company based in Singapore and is leading the way in the emerging digital collectibles space. ECOMI offers a one-stop-shop for digital collectibles through the VeVe app bringing pop culture and entertainment into the 21st century.

The VeVe app allows users to experience true ownership of premium digital collectibles. Through the app marketplace, users can obtain common, rare, or one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, share these across the social network service, and exchange them with the VeVe community, all from the palm of their hand.

ECOMI sees digital collectibles as a new asset class that offers intellectual property owners the opportunity for new revenue streams in the digital landscape. Digital streaming, gaming, and in-app purchasing have become a multibillion-dollar market and the next to join this digital trend is the pop culture and collectibles industry.

For more information please join the community on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.




ECOMI’s mission is to create the world’s best platform to purchase, trade and collect premium licensed digital collectibles.

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