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Introducing Alfred Kahn: Head of Global Licensing at ECOMI

In the past week, ECOMI have released some of the biggest news in licensing this year! Alfred Kahn- licensing hall of famer- who’s properties are responsible for more than $25 Billion in retail revenue, has just become the head of Global Licensing at ECOMI. As an expert in licensing, branding, digital media and marketing, Alfred will play an integral role in securing licenses for the ECOMI Collect platform, as well as developing and implementing marketing and branding strategies to an international audience.

So Who Is Alfred Kahn?

Alfred is a founder and currently the CEO of CraneKahn LLC (a global IP development and marketing company), Chairman of the Board at Toon Goggles Inc, as well as being the founder, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment (1991–2011).

He is recognised as an industry leader and licensing heavyweight, and his company 4Kids Entertainment was responsible for some of the biggest releases in the licensing industry, including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cabbage Patch, and Polly Pockets.

Alfred is actually the man responsible for bringing Pokémon to the world outside of Japan, and is credited with naming the brand, shortening pocket monsters to Pokémon in a move that quickly found purchase with an international audience. Pokémon has since gone on to become the highest grossing entertainment brand, generating $64 billion in revenue, and the highest grossing gaming brand, generating USD $59.1 billion since 1996.

On top of these amazing accolades, Alfred also developed licensing, marketing and brand development programs for other iconic international brands, including:

  • Nintendo- Mario Bros, Zelda and Donkey Kong
  • James Bond
  • World Wrestling Federation
  • Monster Jam Monster Trucks
  • Xbox

In June 2005, Kahn was inducted into the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) Murray Altschuler Licensing Hall of Fame, and that very same year, Kahn was also inducted into the Kidscreen Hall of Fame.

“During the course of his three-decade career in licensing, Al has stood out as a pioneer in identifying trends in popular culture and adapting them to a global audience. His unique insight has translated into much success, not just for his company, but the licensing industry as a whole.” — Charles Riotto, President of LIMA, 2005

Alfred’s experience in licensing and brand development truly developed as founder and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment- a global provider of children’s entertainment and merchandise licensing. His expertise includes:

  • Domestic and international merchandise licensing
  • Product development
  • Television, film, music and home video production and distribution
  • Media planning and buying.

To add to his experience with 4Kids Entertainment, CraneKahn LLC is known for discovering intellectual properties in foreign and domestic markets and turning them into global mega-hits, whilst also supporting a multi-faceted licensing program.

“Alfred has a true talent for making franchises explode in popularity. We’re excited to begin working together to bring a whole new world of licensed digital collectables to ECOMI Collect.” — David Yu, CEO ECOMI

ECOMI CEO David Yu with CraneKahn LLC CEO Alfred Kahn

Alfred X ECOMI: Global Licensing

Alfred will play an active and integral role in the development of the ECOMI Collect platform, as the head of global licensing acquisition and procurement. His wealth of experience and knack for identifying the ‘next big hit’ is not only evidence of his belief in ECOMI, Alfred has cited the magnitude of blockchain technology as a must watch area of development for both licensing and the collectables market:

“The magnitude of blockchain technology will disrupt the collectables industry by giving licensed brands another platform to sell and protect their digital IP.

ECOMI will set the standard in this space.” — Alfred Kahn, CEO CraneKahn LLC

Aside from his personal role in the development of ECOMI Collect, CraneKahn LLC is now an active partner of the ECOMI company. Their knowledge and expertise in marketing, branding and IP development will not only serve to secure new licenses for the platform, it will also help to:

  • Develop the ECOMI brand
  • Educate the public on the revolutionary nature of the blockchain in creating new markets, particularly in licensing and digital collectibles.
  • Create and market new licensing properties and interactions with collectibles and NFTs, such as AR/VR experiences.
  • Oversee the international branding and adoption of ECOMI Collect.

With the development of ECOMI Collect currently underway, the addition of Alfred to the ECOMI team will play a crucial role in the platform’s development and adoption, as well as helping to re-imagine IP as digital content, on this new and exciting medium.

ECOMI Collect Overview

From all of us at ECOMI, we extend a very warm welcome to you Alfred! We look forward to working together to truly disrupt the collectibles industry, redefine global distribution, and use blockchain technology to bring new experiences to children all around the world!

If you would like to support ECOMI, you can become an early stage contributor right now in the ECOMI token sale. Simply get in touch with us on Telegram for private sale information, or stay tuned for public sale announcements.


ECOMI is a technology company based in Singapore and is leading the way in the emerging digital collectibles space. ECOMI offers a one-stop-shop for digital collectibles through the ECOMI Collect app bringing pop culture and entertainment into the 21st century.

The Collect app allows users to experience true ownership of premium digital collectibles. Through the app marketplace, users can obtain common, rare, or one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, share these across the social network service, and exchange them with the Collect community, all from the palm of their hand.

ECOMI sees digital collectibles as a new asset class which offers intellectual property owners the opportunity for new revenue streams in the digital landscape. Digital streaming, gaming, and in-app purchasing have become a multibillion-dollar market and the next to join this digital trend is the pop culture and collectibles industry.

For more information please see the ECOMI Collect Whitepaper or join the community on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.



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