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Merging VeVe Accounts: OMI Tokens

A number of users are waiting to consolidate their VeVe accounts and merge their digital collectibles and assets under one username. This will soon be available through the merge accounts feature. However, if you currently store OMI tokens in any of the accounts you wish to merge, you MUST withdraw them before merging, or you risk losing your tokens.

Merging Accounts

Merging accounts is a web-app-only feature. Using this feature merges a non-KYC’d account with an account that has completed the KYC process, provided the account is either your personal account, or your child’s account (if you are the parent or legal guardian of a child with an account under the VeVe minimum age).

This feature will permanently transfer all of the collectibles, comics, showrooms, and gems from the non-KYC’d account to your primary KYC’d account. However, it will not transfer your OMI tokens or your MCP points. More info:

Withdraw Your OMI Before You Merge Accounts ⚠️

We migrated our entire ecosystem (OMI tokens and VeVe collectibles) to Ethereum earlier in 2022. Many OMI token holders moved their tokens into their VeVe app wallets before the migration took place, in order to take advantage of the automatic token migration.

If your tokens are currently stored in your VeVe app wallet, and it is the same account that you regularly use and have completed KYC for, you do not need to transfer your tokens.

However, if you currently have OMI tokens stored in a VeVe account that you wish to merge/combine with your main KYC’d account, you must withdraw them before you merge your accounts. 🚨🚨🚨

Once your accounts have been merged you will no longer be able to log in/access your in-app wallets on those accounts and will lose any OMI tokens that are stored there.

You have two options to move/withdraw your OMI tokens.

Sending your OMI to your main account is the simplest option:

  1. Log into the VeVe web wallet, using your main VeVe account (the one you have KYC’d). This is the account you will be sending your OMI to, and wish to continue using after you merge any additional accounts.
  2. VeVe Web wallet:
  3. Enter the 2FA code that has been sent to your email to complete the log in process
  4. Select ‘Send/Receive’ and then ‘Copy Address
  5. Paste this address into notes or a word document, as you will need to use it again in step 3 below to receive the OMI from your additional accounts.
Log into the VeVe web wallet to access your OMI tokens


  1. Log into the account you wish you send your OMI from. This is the account you plan to merge, and will no longer have access to once the merge is complete.
  2. Select ‘Send/Receive
  3. Copy and paste the OMI address that you saved earlier into the first box (Enter OMI Address).
    As a reminder, this is the OMI address belonging to your main/KYC’d account, which you will continue to use after you have merged your additional accounts.
  4. Enter a small test amount of OMI tokens to send to this address, to ensure that you have pasted the address correctly, and hit ‘Send OMI.
  5. A 2FA code will be sent to the email address associated with this VeVe account. Enter it when requested to complete the transfer.
  6. Log out of the current account, and log back into your main KYC account through the VeVe web wallet to confirm that you have received your OMI tokens.
  7. Repeat this process to send the remainder of your OMI token balance to your primary account, and again for any additional accounts, that you plan to merge. As a reminder, you can merge a maximum of 4 VeVe accounts without further review.

That’s it! You’re ready to merge your accounts when the feature is made available to you.

Note: OMI transactions between VeVe wallets should complete in a matter of seconds, and no gas fees are required for these transactions.

Sending OMI tokens between VeVe app wallets is simple and instantaneous!

Any OMI tokens that are currently stored in your VeVe app wallet are Layer 2 OMI tokens. That means you cannot withdraw them directly to MetaMask unless you have already registered your Metamask address to IMX layer 2. Instructions on how to do this can be found below.

It is also important to note that once you have withdrawn OMI tokens from your VeVe wallet to your Metamask wallet, they can remain there and be used in other layer 2 applications, such as the Feesh Arena or IMX marketplace.

They can also be returned to your VeVe app at a later date to use when the OMI utility program (OUP) begins to roll out.

If you wish to withdraw your OMI from the VeVe app and then send them to an exchange or layer 1 application, you will also need to bridge (withdraw) them from layer 2 to layer 1, after you have withdrawn them from the VeVe app.

To learn how to register your MetaMask wallet to layer 2 IMX, and then withdraw your OMI tokens from your VeVe app wallet, please see the instructions available on the ECOMI Token Portal.

Please follow the instructions below step by step to ensure you do not lose your OMI tokens. No one else can send them, or recover them, for you should you make a mistake ⚠️


Information on this channel is for educational purposes only. It should not be considered financial advice and all users are advised to do their own research. See disclaimer.

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