STRK Token Distribution

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2 min readJun 11, 2024

As many VeVe users may already be aware, the Starknet Foundation has allocated an amount of STRK Tokens for ImmutableX (StarkEx) activity prior to June 1st, 2022.

For those VeVe users that met the eligibility requirements, a “Claim” button and instructions will appear on the main page in their VeVe Account on the VeVe 2.0 web app platform (this will not appear in the iOS or Android apps).

VeVe Collectibles

Users are required to submit an eligible Starknet wallet address that they create using either Braavos or Argent wallet.

Note: Starknet wallet addresses contain 66 characters, EVM wallets contain 42 characters.

Users who provide a wallet that is not compatible with Starknet will not receive a distribution.

The deadline for submitting your Starknet wallet address is July 15, 2024 at 00:00 (GMT).

The wallet address will be provided to the Starknet Foundation and the Starknet Foundation will distribute the tokens to the wallet. VeVe and ECOMI are not involved in or responsible for the distribution of the tokens.

Why do I not see a Claim button in my VeVe Wallet?

You will see a claim button if you met the eligibility criteria which includes the following requirements:

  • You have a valid KYC’d VeVe account (Max of 1 per user)
  • You completed 8 or more transactions on Immutable X before June 1st, 2022

Note: Residents of the US and sanctioned countries are not eligible

When will I receive my STRK Tokens?

  • Starknet Foundation will distribute the tokens to the wallet addresses that are submitted in the weeks following the deadline mentioned above.

(1) Starknet Foundation is the organizer of and solely responsible for the distribution of the STRK tokens based on their eligibility criteria, (2) Orbis Technology Limited (VeVe) and ECOMI Technology Pte Ltd (ECOMI) have no responsibility for the distribution and those users participating release VeVe and ECOMI from any liability in relation to the distribution, and (3) the purpose of the process provided in the Web Wallet is solely for ECOMI to collect users’ nominated wallet addresses and provide it to Starknet Foundation for the purpose of Starknet Foundation carrying out the distribution.