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The ECOMI App for Android Is Live on the Google App Store!

A major milestone in the ECOMI project timeline has just been reached- the beta launch of the ECOMI App on Google Play! This companion app integrates seamlessly with the ECOMI Secure Wallet, simplifying and redesigning the way we interact with the cold storage, and the blockchain, to safely store your private keys for crypto, DApps, and NFTs.

But First- a Little Info on the ECOMI Secure Wallet

With more than $2 billion lost to hacks, scams and other malicious attacks in Q1 2018 alone, the ability to easily and secure your private keys has never been more important. In fact, a lack of understanding, and an overcomplicated process has been one of the main barriers to mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Until now.

The ECOMI Secure Wallet- and ECOMI App- solve these issues with a number of innovative solutions.

  1. It is a true cold storage wallet. That is, connecting to the Secure Wallet does not require a wired connection. Rather you connect with the Secure Wallet via an encrypted bluetooth connection, such as pairing it with your smartphone. This ensures it is impermeable to man-in-the-middle attacks, screen capture virus’s and other malware.
  2. Thanks to a sleek design and the removal of a wired connection, the Secure Wallet is truly portable. You no longer need access to a laptop/PC to access your cold storage, allowing you to use your crypto to make instant trades, transfer tokens, or pay for goods and services on the fly.
  3. The Secure Wallet is designed with additional security features, such as the need to physically interact with the card to confirm transactions. This is as simple as visually confirming the transaction, and pressing the red button to approve it. By requiring physical interaction/confirmation, the Secure Wallet is safe from remote attack.
  4. The launch of the ECOMI app marks a turning point in the way we interact with the blockchain, and drastically simplifies our interactions with cold storage, allowing for the immutable protection of your tokenised assets.

Introducing the ECOMI App!

The ECOMI app strikes a perfect balance between the easy-to-use app interface and ECOMI’s cold storage solution (the Secure Wallet), to fully utilise the immutable nature of the underlying blockchain technology. You use the ECOMI app in the same way you use your existing smartphone applications. This was an intentional feature of the ECOMI Ecosystem, designed to bring you blockchain solutions in a familiar and user friendly manner.

Setting up Your Secure Wallet has Never Been Easier!

Available immediately on Android, and soon to be available on iOS (thanks to regulatory updates from Apple) you can get the ECOMI app simply by visiting the google app store and downloading it. If that seems too hard, simply follow this link to get your first look at the amazing ECOMI app!

Then, the process to set up your Secure Wallet and pair to your smartphone is not only simple, it is intuitive. Using an encrypted bluetooth connection, you pair your Secure Wallet in the same way you would pair any other bluetooth device! We’ll release more detailed set-up instructions when the Secure Wallet begins to ship.

For now, just know that ECOMI couldn’t be more excited to have our app go live, and want to send a huge congratulations to our entire development team!

For our wonderful community- it won’t be long before we begin shipping the Secure Wallet to our crowdsale participants! To get your hands on one for FREE, and before the rest of the crowd, simply head to and join the ECOMI crowdsale!

You’ll receive a FREE Secure Wallet with OMI token purchases of $500 USD or more, and the best news is we are now accepting fiat (USD) payments= even less hassle in purchasing your OMI tokens!

To show your appreciation for the app release, please hold down the clap button on this article and join us on Telegram so we can keep you updated on everything ECOMI- who knows, we might even give out some free Secure Wallets! ;)


ECOMI’s mission is to utilise blockchain technology to create the world’s best platform to pay, protect, and collect premium licensed digital collectibles. ECOMI delivers the freedom to secure and control your digital assets, data, and cryptocurrencies with user-friendly products and applications.

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ECOMI’s mission is to create the world’s best platform to purchase, trade and collect premium licensed digital collectibles.

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